Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sometimes, I can be a real BONEHEAD

Today was SPC. John Barbonus' memorial service. The roll call, when they call the fallen soldier's name and there is no answer is heartbreaking. John is a hero, his actions saved may other soldiers.

My daughter is moving to Montana at the end of the month. I am really going to miss her. She reminds me of myself at that age, independent, thinks she is more mature than she really is (she is a mature as a 19 year old can be, but how mature CAN a 19 year actually be?) and ready to take on the world. I feel odd inside about it; sadness, hopefulness for her future and I don't know what else. I will miss her. I tell her she can always come back...and I hope she does.

My son will be going to his dad's for 6 week visitation and will be going to Florida to see his grandmother, who has terminal cancer and is expected to live only a few more months. That will be difficult for him. I remember how I felt when my grandmother was dying from cancer when I was 12 yrs old. She asked to see me 1 more time but I was too upset and just couldn't do it, she was soo ill. She died that day. I have always regretted not seeing her that last time.

Tuesday evening, I did the ultimate bonehead move on my ride from work to my truck. I live too far from home to ride almost 18 miles one way and there are no bike paths or sidewalks the first 9 miles. I am not brave enough to ride on the side of the highway.

Normally I park at the PARK and RIDE parking lot (for share-a-ride people who work in Anchorage) and I pedal from there to my office, a little over 8 miles, at least half of it is uphill. This day I was feeling tired so I parked at Lowe's, 4 miles from my office, which turned out to be a very good thing.

Tuesday morning was nice but by the evening, the wind was back and blowing with it's now usual force. I was in a hurry to leave work because I still tired and just needed to get out of there (I work the government welfare programs...I'm sure that gives you an idea what I'm talking about). Happy to leave my day behind, I get on my bike for a nice ride back to my truck. It was all going great - people in the cars and trucks are all being nice, I fight the wind all the way and finally get to my truck.

I then realize I'm feeling pretty light...oh drivers credit cell phone...nothing except my work clothes which are packed in my rack trunk....HOW COULD I FORGET MY BACKPACK????? I search under the truck for the magnetic key box then remember the key was too big for the box so we never hid a spare. Sheesh. No good going back to my office for it, I have no keys to get in. The garden center at Lowe's is open, so I ride in there and borrow a phone. Capt'n Balance is really busy but I have no way to get home.

He comes 30 miles round trip, out of his way to bring me a key, then takes off. The plan was to fill up with gas on my way home but since I have no credit card or cash, no gas. I had enough to get home, questionable if I will have enough for the drive the following morning to make it to my office to get my cash/credit card and then to the gas station. So yesterday morning I drove as far as I safely could without running out of gas and rode my bike to work. Fortunately, there was my backpack with all my important stuff in it, sitting on the floor where I had left it.

Yep, a major bonehead move...The lady at Lowe's who let me use the phone wasn't impressed.

This is a picture of Wasilla Lake, the ice is finally totally gone and I love the smell of the water as I ride by. It's good for my heavy heart.


The donut guy said...

I locked my keys in my van a few years ago and I was in the middle of nowhere.

I couldn't get a hold of anyone so I had to resort to the rock through the window trick.

That was an expensive "oops"....

Our daughter is 19 and we'll be going through the same thing when she graduated from college, I can't imagine her staying in the area....

Michelle said...

Rock through the window...that's painful.

Maybe I will move to Montana someday...but I doubt it. sigh..

D A N O said...

Spring is here and better days ahead!

(you guys do get spring right?)

shawnkielty said...

Ummm -- I have nightmares about leaving my keys at work ... and being locked out of my apartment at home.

Chris said...

Wow. What a horrible experience that must have been. You will have to find a bigger magnetic box I guess. :)

Karen Travels said...

I remember locking the keys in my dad's van when I borrowed it once...probably around the age of 16. I freaked out, had him come get me...just to find out the back doors were unlocked.

I am getting closer to buying that bike - you are my biking inspiration!

Michelle said...

feels pretty helpless(not to mention STUPID) to be locked out..

I used to have nightmare when I was in highschool that I forgot the combination to my locker and couldn't get my books and work. I had lots of lockers in different wings of the school and couldn't get into any of them...what do you think the meaning of that dream was??

I am trying to figure out a way of securing a hidden key.

Karen, that is too funny! Somethings are still missing from a 16 year old mind :). You go girl, get that bike and ride!! Take your time and make sure it's a bike you LOVE.

A Midnight Rider said...

I also have riden off without my backpack. A couple of times as a matter of fact. I never did get more than a mile though, forturnately.

I did lock my keys in the car once and really had to scramble to get the spare key. Sever thunder showers were forcast and I had the top down.