Monday, May 07, 2007

Working on Weekends, not my thing...

Word has gotten out about my bike shop.

I have been approached by lots of friends who would like their bikes tuned up and a few have dropped off their bikes.

Saturday was busy with Cinco de Mayo party, drawing for a trip to the Police concert in L.A. (I didn't win), Capt'n Balance's birthday bon fire, visits from parents.

All day Sunday I replaced cables, repacked hubs and headsets, changed flats, adjusted brakes, un-siezed seat posts, etc. I made a few bucks.

Sunday also was the nicest day we have had yet. I missed the sunshine and spent my time cursing dirty, greasy bikes in poor condition. I got them done and outta there. But I missed my sunny weekend day.

Now I have a week of work, grease stained hands, sore fingertips, I'm tired and it's raining.

Was it worth giving up my Sunday for a few bucks? Nope. Am I going to continue to work on other's bikes? Maybe, but I am going to be much more selective with my precious free time.


Jeff said...

I like to work on neighborhood bikes too, but sometimes I get wrapped up in it, and it does cut into my own time. One time a kid brought over some brakes that I've never seen before and I spent way too long trying to get them dialed. I hate working on junk too. Like WalMart bikes. The stuff was broke when they bought it! Can't polish a turd they say... It's pretty rewarding though when you get a nice bike running that has been neglected for a few years.

Tuco said...

I have to get motivated just to work on my own bike, much less other people's bikes - you guys are pretty awesome community bike advocates.

D A N O said...

All work and no play makes Michelle a dull girl.

Less work, more ride!

Thats the ticket!

PS: I love The Police.Seen them as a teenager.

Tim said...

One spring a few years ago, I ended up with three friend's bikes passing through my garage for spring work. I also had my own bikes and those of my kids to work on.

After that, when co-workers and casual friends asked about what their bikes needed, I'd simply say, "Well, you probably should adjust blah, blah, blah, and install a new yada, yada, yada, and the bike shop will charge about $XX to take care of that for ya."

A Midnight Rider said...

It must be nice and toasty warm up your way by now.

Michelle said...

Fortunately, no one has asked me to work on any x-mart bikes: So far it has been Treks, Specialized Rock Hopper and a few vintage Schwinns, before the Schwinn/Walmart hook up.

More Play/Less Work - I can't wait to retire! don't ask how LONG it is until then, it's depressing.

I have started to turn people down or pretty soon my bike shop will be like Bike Guy's: 3572 bikes out front, waiting for attention.

Nope, it's not toasty yet. It's 53 degrees right now, with wind that feels like 20.