Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Into the Wilderness

I'm leaving tomorrow, driving 3.5 hrs up to Tulsona Lake, hopping on a Beaver (bush plane, this one is on floats), flying to Crosswind Lake to our cabin. 5 days of intense wilderness. Look out over the lake at night and it is pitch black, see stars like never before as there is no light pollution. Only sounds are from squirrels, gray jays, porcupine, hopefully caribou (caribou leg tendons make a snaping sound when they walk) and moose, eagles nest close by, always have young ones ready to leave the nest. Hopefully no bears will be interested in us. Tons of blueberries.

Beautiful fall colors, winter comes fast up there. We don't rough it, we have a dugout "refridgerator/freezer". It it like a root cellar I suppose. Keeps all our food cold. We have a generator for electricity when needed, we do have a tv up there so the guys can watch the Super Bowl at their annual Crosswind SuperBowl trip.
We have a shower, A shower stall which has a wash tub on top with a spigot coming down from the tub, works great. The newest cabin will have a bath house and sauna when it is finished.

Hopefully it will be good weather and good hunting. Sure would like to have a freezer full of moose or caribou. Last year the migration was different due to unusually cold then hot weather, the migration started, then the weather got hot so the caribou went back down, then it started up again once the weather cooled down and it was later than normal. I would like to stay up there for about a month sometime. Too bad I have to work...

My bike shop is coming along nicely, the new dementions are 15 X 21. The foundation is all done, the rafters are cut and ready to be assembled, framing shouldn't take too long. pricing windows and metal, it will be metal siding and roof. Also still looking for a little heater, which will either be propane or heating oil. Probable heating oil, cheaper than propane. I can't wait!!! The rain has slowed it's construction down a bit. Finally stopped raining but it's supposed to start up again tomorrow. Lots of flood damage towards Sutton and up the Parks Hwy, I heard.

Until next time

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