Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Riding + Forgetting = I'm Tired

Got up this morning, felt tired. Decided to go ahead and ride in because I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep anyway. Was slow moving but got out of the house at 6:15 a.m. Temp was 47 degrees and rainy.

I got to the park and ride, unloaded my bike, realized I forgot the battery to my headlight. Darn, a dark drizzly day, really wanted to be as visible as possible. Oh well, I almost glow in the dark with my irradiated carrot colored reflective vest and rear blinky light, I should be ok.

The weather changed from a drizzle to an all-out rain (Alaskan-style). My jacket is waterproof but my Firewall pants are only water resistant. However, with my little front fender and back rack, I was happy to discover I wasn't getting much road spray. I stayed warm so that was good. I'm slogging along in the rain when I start to feel like I'm going to bonk. Yeah. I then realize I didn't eat any breakfast except 1 quickly cooked scrambled egg. That is not energy food. I'm going up hills, riding briskly to keep warm. nooo enneeerggyy. I feel like a deflating balloon. I'm starting to feel grumpy when a big red truck passes me and the driver gives me a honk and a thumbs up. That made me smile and squished the grumpies. I was probably quite a sight, orange dayglow with hi-viz reflective strips, soggy and dripping, weaving up a hill. Commuters are NOT common here in the Mat Su Valley, especially in the rain. I'm unique - :)

I tried out a new route to get through Wasilla, this one is much better. Don't have to dodge vehicles turning on and off the highway. Little longer but safer and also smoother as I have been riding the sidewalks. Wasilla wins the prize for bike paths that don't connect to each other. Starts at a logical place and just ends in the middle of no-where. I don't get it.

My shoes, socks and the legs of my pants were wet by the time I got to work. At lunch I realized I'm going have to do something to dry them out or I face a wearing wet gear home. What to do, what to do. I took my little fan, put it under my desk and laid out my shoes, socks and gloves. They were dry by the end of my day. I hung my shirt, pants and undergarments in the utility closet next to my desk. Just happens that the maintenance guy shows up today, out of the blue. I have to move my bike so he can get in there and 1st thing he sees are my clothing. I could see the wheels turning in his head, wondering if someone moved in there. I explained, he understood, no problem.

The ride home was good, much drier.

I need a break from work. Why can't people be reasonable and just DO their work instead of trying to pass the buck? Then committees have to be formed to figure out WHO should do the work and what the procedure should be. Now they are "giving" us 2 computer monitors to be placed right next to each other. Able to do twice the work. yeah right, we will be google-eyed zombies.


steve said...

2 monitors next to each other = 2 heat sources = 2 more places you can hang small items on to dry them out. Sounds like your employer is being very considerate!

I have a dehumidified server room at work that does a pretty good job of sucking the moisture out of my clothing. One of the side benefits of working in IT :-)

Michelle said...

Our monitors are flat screen and somehow I don't think the management would go for my bike shorts/sports bra hanging out to dry in our "professional" setting. The back of my computer faces my office entry and also my clients sitting at my desk, everyone would get a clear view of my drying items. I am sure the computer tech guy would freak also, he takes it very personally when we abuse the computers - although he did give me 2 fixer-upper bikes :).
I can bring my bike in (after I wipe it down) and keep it in my office. Using office equipment as a dryer is pushing my luck. It is a good suggestion though. I think I'm going to get a cheap hairdryer to keep at work, for me and my clothing, if needed.

Tuco said...

Sounds like a yucky day. When I get rained on I basically have to put up with the fact that I'm riding home in wet clothes - my office, and building in general, are slightly damp and cold and nothing dries here at all.

I did a long (100ish km's) group ride once with a guy who hadn't eaten breakfast, and man, he bonked harder than anybody I've ever seen. Early afternoon came and he basically had come to a stop. Breakfast rules!!

Tuco said...

P.S. I'm working my way through the second season of northern exposure right now. I know it was shot in seattle, but I think I have a crush on Alaska!

Michelle said...

I don't think I will be forgetting to eat! My friend thinks that's really strange, to forget to eat. Well, I obviously wasn't hungry and sometimes is a just something that has to be done.

How interesting that you have a crush on Alaska, eh? I happen to have a crush on Canada! (P.E. Island and Cranbrook in Alberta and the RED GREEN Show)