Monday, August 28, 2006

Commute Aborted

Got to the Park-n-Ride, unloaded the bike, got going on my way. Felt funny after about a 1/3 mile, flat back tire. GRRR. Turned around, pumped it up, went flat again, loaded the bike, took it home, got back in the truck and drove to work. I think I over-inflated it last night and popped the seal on the valve. My pump's gauge is NOT accurate at all and so I check it with the tire gauge. It was up to 110 lbs, the maximum, I lowered it to 100. I guess those few seconds at 110 were too much. That's just a guess, I could have punctured it in that 1/3 mile. I will inspect it tonight when I change out the tube.

Bummer, it's actually stopped raining (supposed to start again Wednesday). It's sunny and fairly warm. Would have been a great day to ride. I'm running out of time as winter gets closer and closer.


George said...

It's only August.

Oh, yeah, I forgot you live in Alaska!

Tim said...

You're not running out of time. You just need to go shopping for some studded Nokians!

Michelle said...

I got Nokians, but i sold my cannondale, I don't want to use my Santa Cruz for winter riding. I got something in the works though...:)

Yeah, August in Alaska = Approaching WINTER