Saturday, August 19, 2006

9 days of rain and still going.... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Sweet. I can almost relate. Today we had a party for our daughter, she's turning two. It hasn't rained all summer here in Denver except for today. All afternoon. I soldiered on, Alaska style with a cardboard box over the charcoal, but it wasn't the same with all those kids trapped inside. En masse they can get on you a little bit. Good luck!

George said...

Look at the bright least it's not snow:-)

Michelle said...

The rain is making people grumpy.

I had to chuckle at Andy's Alaskan BBQ. Rain, sleet, snow nor the dead of winter stops Alaskans from BBQ! We bundle the kids up and toss them outside anyway...HA! Happy 2 to your girl!

Homes are being evacuated in certain flooded areas. Also a bridge has washed out on the Park's hwy, leaving only 1 drivable route to the Northern part of the state (Fairbanks, etc). An example of what limited roads we have in Alaska. If the Glenn hwy washes out, it's a huge issue. Snow is easier to deal with than rain, it can be moved. Rain/flooding shows no mercy. It's supposed to slow down this week although not stop. The mountains are covered with snow now....bummer. Hatcher's Pass/Gold Mint Trail is in the slush. I'm feeling cold all of the sudden.