Thursday, August 24, 2006

Strange Day

My morning commute started off uneventful. It was really nice to be able to ride the bike path the whole way now they have swept it off after I set some emails. No more having to jump in the road :)

I was running a little late due to a late start and was amost to my office when I saw a truck across the bike path and half way into the rode next to it. I thought it must have died and the driver tried to pull off the road, only it was facing INTO the street, rather than AWAY from the street...Hmm, I thought.

I got closer, had to get off my bike to get around the truck because it's blocking the bike path and I didn't want to drop down the curb on my road bike. Then I see that the truck is actually caught up in a fencing topped with barbed wire that protects a mini-storage complex. A bit further down, the security gate to the mini-storage units has been run over. This kid RAN through the big, metal gate with his truck into the mini-storage complex, couldn't get back out over the now twisted, broken gate so he decided to drive through the fence and ended up with barbed wire and fencing catching under his truck and he couldn't get his truck free. I decided to call the police, he saw me on my cell phone and took off on foot, leaving his truck caught on the fence and half in the middle of the street. A police car passed my about 30 seconds later. There is no way this was a "I swerved to miss a squirrel" situation. I think he was trying to break into the storage units.

I ride on to work, frustrating crappy work from co-workers that I have to fix, typical day.

Then we go to a friends for dinner. On the way home, I see what I think I a tiny little puppy in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I warn my husband about it so he doesn't run over it, we pull off the road to go get it and the guy behind us stops his car and lays on the horn. Here is this FREAKED out animal, tiny tiny thing, in the middle of a 4 lane road, with some jerk honking at it. The guy probably would have run it over if we had been right there. Anyway, it starts squealing. Yes, squealing. It's not a puppy, it's a tiny PIG!!! In the middle of the road!! There is no place for a pig to wander away from in that part of town. We are baffled as to where it came from. We shoo'd it off the road and was able to pick it up. It was really squealing like crazy. It was SOO tiny! We thought it wasn't injured and so we jump back in my truck discussing what to do with a baby pig found in the middle of the road. We decide just to take it home, we have a farm after all, but no pigs, just cows. We are figuring we will have to feed it some of the calf formula but a calf nipple is too big, ect,ect. We are at a stoplight when a guy pulls up next to us and asks us if we are the people who found a pig in the road. He said he saw it fall out of a horse trailer and he had pulled the guy with the horse trailer over and told him, up the road a bit we saw it pulled over. So we give the guy back this tiny little piglet who fell out of a horsetrailer on the way to the Palmer State Fair (the state fair started tonight). Poor little pig, it was really happy to be back with it's mom. I can just imagine waking up every hour or so to bottle feed a baby pig. Yeah, good thing it's back with mom!


George said...

You are such a good mom :-)

Michelle said...

*Thanks* :)