Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to Civilization

It's overrated, just so you know.

Strong winds did not let the float plane pick us up yesterday so we stuck it out another night, it was just the worst - NOT!

Flew out early this morning, I'm tired. Got a caribou, meat for the winter. It's fall up there, frosty ground this morning. Stars galore...

I started making a bike from beer cans, cutting the cans into flat sheets and then rolling them into tubes. It is my 1st effort at beer can art, the guys have made all kinds of stuff - guitars, cowboy hats, snowmachines or snowmobiles to you lower 48'ers, etc. I didn't finish, will do that on a future trip. Captain Balance is an artist, yes really, check out the walls in the photos. He started beer can art to get the creative juices of the art handicapped going. It's amazing what guy can make after drinking a bunch of beer :)

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