Friday, September 15, 2006

Here's my bike shop! Getting the metal roofing/siding tonight! WooHoo! Posted by Picasa


George said...

Hey, that's pretty darn nice!

You gonna have a heater in there?

Cable TV?

Just kidding, although I am envious:-)

Michelle said...

It will have electric and either heating oil or propane heat. I will be toasty warm all year long. Got the metal in and the roof is on and the sides are going up. Then it's all interior work.

Nathan said...

Color me jealous! So, there's "bike porn" - is this the start of "bike shop porn"? Anyone registered yet?

Can't imagine wanting a TV in the shop but definitely heat and tunes - and a beer fridge!

Michelle said...

Got most of the walls sheeted, windows are in except for 1, the door is on! After the last window is put in and the that part sheeted, the interior work starts! Still looking for a heating stove, it will either be heating oil or propane.

TV and a beer fridge, possibilities...:), of course tunes. Maybe a phone. Maybe I should add a bed and a couch and just move on in :)