Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dream it Up!

This is what I whipped out. It certianly isn't going to be a cover of a book. I really don't know if that is doable.
Anyway, I started this with my Inktense pencils but I just don't have enough experience with when it comes to painting with them, so I grabbed a regular #2 pencil and did a lot of rubbing with my finger to blend. Now I have a sore finger :) I couldn't get the dark's any darker, I guess I will have to get some graphite drawing pencils.
I want to try this with my Touch markers but I don't have the right range of grey. But if I did, I think I could do a fairly reasonable job with them and I know how to blend with those.
Life is about to get much busier, I've got my tickets booked to go to Phoenix for my final certification and then a year long apprenticeship type followup. I have to start reading the training materials now because it is a few thousand pages of Soc Sec policy and stuff like that. That's the government for you, they LOVE their policy manuals.
TaTa for now :)

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