Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Latest Painting: Polar Reflections - Derwent Inktense on 9x12 Smooth Bristol

I really like this! It is based on an image I found on the internet, all I know about the artist is her name is Natalie. The original had no color, just india ink and white. I really like the colors.

My husband didn't know what the "things" were under the bear's feet. It is the bear's reflection on the ice. :)

I'm learning more how to use the Inktense pencils. Pretty cool. I would like to get some liquid watercolors...yet another item on my wish list.

I sure wish someone would donate to my art supply fund!

Back to studying today, I go to Phoenix a week from today and have a LOT to finish up before I go.

Pray for me, that it will be a good, successful trip and my body will cooperate.

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Teressa Thompson said...

LOVE this! The tribal feel.. the colors.. the bear.. love it.