Friday, February 11, 2011

Sneek Peek

11x17 on Strathmore 300 smooth Bristol

ShinHan Touch markers:
Sketch 109 Pearl White
SKY 179 Aqua Mint
Trees CG0.5, CG1, WG2, 169 Putty


Bugga in OK said...

Michelle, I now see why you are all about markers - you are a very talented artist! I love what you are working on.

I love to stamp and color, but I don't have the urge (or talent) to create images from scratch. I'm pretty creative with sewing, picking out fabrics, etc. but line art like you do just amazes me.


Michelle said...

Thank you, Annette!

I'm new at this and am just winging it - but I did buy some books on how to draw but haven't looked at them yet :)

One thing I'm learning with markers right now is GO LIGHTER. You can always make it darker but going lighter is a challage - haha.