Friday, February 11, 2011

Copic Markers - part 3: Response from Copic regarding Splotchy, Speckled, Mottled Inks

This is the last reponse from the Copic Product Specialist. As a reminder, I have been having ink quality issues with some of the markers. I use some Copics and all is fine, then I use some other Copics - on the same piece of paper - and get mottling, speckling or splotchy ink. Since it's the same paper where the other Copics worked fine, I have been questioning their consistance of the quality of the ink from marker to marker.

Copic Product Specialist:
"OK, I heard back from the manufacturer. There is a physical difference between the drying agents of the Copics and the other marker brands listed. It has nothing to do with the markers left in the cold.

Copics have a faster drying time than Blick, Touch etc. This was desirable because it meant that they could produce crisper lines and a more vibrant color-range, less streaking, and low odor.

The slower drying markers absorb into the paper a little differently. So the manufacturer consciously chose that more vibrant colors and crisper lines were a good trade for seeing the fibers a bit more. "

See the other 2 posts below for the beginning of this Copic known issue.

Copic has a much more extensive color range than any other marker brands that I have researched but other markers, like Touch are low odor to odorless, with vibrant colors and Touch are low to no streaking (depending on your individual technique).

So there you have it, if you are experiencing this, it is not "just you", "the wrong paper" or even the wrong technique. It is the ink in some of the Copic markers causing the paperfibers to become visible, due to dye density and drying agents in some Copic markers.

As the Product Specialist said, it was a trade-off. So now it becomes the consumers decision if they want the color range and visible paper fibers or not. I personally do not want it unless I put it there on purpose. I am doing a large marker painting and wanted to use a Copic color I have but I know this one has the fiber/mottling problem...I don't have the Touch marker color I need so I will be changing colors from my original plan. Frustrating.

I do wish Touch had more colors because I just can't get enough colors, haha! But life is good and enjoy your markers, whatever your favorite is!

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