Thursday, November 02, 2006


Left San Fran with it's temps of about 78. Came home to temps of 25, snow and darkness. Hmmm yeah....

It wasn't a great thing at 1st but now I'm hyped about winter. I am buying a cheap, used Kona from Bike Guy, not anything special at all but should work for winter just fine. He's putting on my Nokian's today, should be ready tomorrow.

I had a good time in San Francisco, I miss the sun and warmth. The bike scene there is CRAZY! I am standing on the Golden Gate Bridge, gawking at all the cyclists. I've got to say, bike guys make nice scenery :) no harm in looking, right? Beautiful bikes, nice muscles. Talking bikes also makes for good conversation. I was longing to ride, but my daughter just isn't a bike girl.

Not much progress on my bike shop since I have been gone, but I have a nice new stairway in the house, which is great! Now back to the bike shop. It's almost totally sheeted inside, then needs paint and get the propane heater installed and I'm good to GO!!

Work is **** since I've been back. 3 people walked off the job in 3 weeks. The welfare lines don't get smaller, my caseload is larger than it has ever been. I'm worn out by the time I get home so haven't done any riding in a couple weeks. My muscles are shrinking. I've got to get back into it.

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