Monday, November 13, 2006

It's DONE - The SHOP!

Just needs a few more things: light fixtures, pegboards, hooks to hang tires and the hooks to hang the bikes on the walls. Raise up the desk to work bench height. Walls are painted, stuff is moved in - almost all of it. Furnace is installed and it's all nice and toasty.

Pictures are before the trim was all finished
1st things in are my Julianna and bike kid's K2 monster - it's a big bike. He's getting tall, almost 6 ft alreadys

Treadmill moved in, shelves up.

Views from the bike shop's windows.

What I really need - a CLOCK!

I came home really tired from work today, bike kid is riding around the driveway, ready to pull me into the shop as soon as I get out of the truck to start getting to work. I need some food, a drink - Tequila shot, ahhh.

Shoulders and wrists really sore. I don't know whats going on with my wrists but they aren't happy lately.

Shoulders really sore, both of them. The heat went out at work today, spent the day hunched up tight with coat and gloves on and still froze. It's no way to work. I am sure that is part of the reason I'm sore, from being tense all day.

The wind is whipping in Wasilla, the town in which I work. A homeless guy was standing in the double entryway of the japanese restaurant where I had ordered lunch. He was trying to warm up a bit, the windchill is way down there. He rides a bike, it was parked against the wall outside, loaded down with all his worldly possessions. I couldn't tell what kind of bike it was, it was soo loaded down. All I was able to see is a RockShox fork. His load made a pretty big sail for the wind. By the time I had picked up my order, he was gone, but whoo, the entryway was pretty rank smelling.

In the world of my work, guys like him are my clients. I'm glad he was able to warm up a bit, as the wind is painfully cold and frostbite is a real possibility. There are no shelters here in the valley for men. We have a growning homeless population out here, so we are behind the need. Bike guy has told me of a few stories of a few different homeless guys going through his trash, scavanging for parts or whatever. I gave a wheel to one of my homeless clients who's wheel was so rusted I thought it would turn to dust under him.

Thank God I am here in my cozy home, with my warm shop, my nice bikes, my normal life and family.

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George said...

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are.

That's a pretty spiffy shop.