Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lights, Insulation and San Francisco!

Electric all hooked up, ceiling and walls all insulated! Now interior sheeting, furnace installation, some painting and it will be ready for my bikes to MOVE IN!!! I keep trying to upload a picutre, but Blogger won't cooperate.

I'm am going to San Francisco next week, my daughter and I will be having a 3 day fun trip, just the 2 of us. She works for Alaska Airlines, so we get free flights and good deals on hotels/cars/tourist stuff. She is barely 18 yrs old, so she still needs Mom, who has a credit card, to reserve hotels and whatever. We decided against renting a car, doesn't sound like it will be necessary with the public transportation and the close locality of all the places we want to go.

I tried talking her into renting some bikes and checking out the local mountain biking scene. She is not into biking so that is not something she wants to do. She's sort of an indoor girl, I don't know how THAT happened. Maybe I accidentally traumatized her at some point in her young life by dragging her into the wilderness with no way to plug in her curling iron, calling it "fun". :)

We are going to have a good time though, 1 full day of shopping at Union Square, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, trolleys, etc. The architecture is always pretty cool also, Alaska seems to favor box style building = ugly.

There is a Critical Mass going on the night I leave, I sure wish I could ride in it, that would really be cool, I think. I don't know if there has ever been a Critical Mass in Alaska...So, who wants to start organizing one?


Tim said...

Good call on then rental car. You won't need it with San Francisco's great bus system. A car is more hassle than it's worth there.

And yes, there have been Critical Mass rides in Anchorage many times, including this year. I've never ridden in one, but they have been held downtown somewhat regularly. I get the impression there's not a huge turnout for them here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I rented a bike from Blazing Saddles down by the Wharf last month. I think it's 26 a day but I printed a coupon online. While the bike had many miles and was like being perched on a hatchet, the trail to the bridge and Marin Headlands is scenic. The weather has been great this month- 70's and clear.
Have fun.

Michelle said...

Blazing Saddles Bikes were everywhere. I spent a lot of time dodging wobbly, on the verge of passing out, out of breath Blazing Saddles renters. There were soo many of them on the bridge at one point, all barely moving, they blocked all foot and bike traffic until they made it to the high point. Have to be in survival mode so as not to get run over by one of them :)