Sunday, April 09, 2006

Warning, I'm cranky.

I'll start off with good stuff will get progressivley worse, you are warned:)
I ran into a guy I know from my previous job. He is paralyzed from the waist down and in a chair. He has a hand cycle, I told him about my bikes and he want's to meet up and go riding. He did a handcycle race a few years, the Midnight Sun Race, back from Fairbanks to Wasilla, over 300 miles long. All with the arms. Wow, I just can't imagine. So I will be calling him when the shoulder allows. :)
I've been deciding on the next upgrades for my bikes. I think I will get a carbon fiber fork for my road bike and also a carbon seatpost. I think that will help with those numbing vibrations. I still need pedals for my Juliana, I don't think I will do the clipless yet. I would like to find some light weight platforms, the loaner's I have weigh a ton. Xpeda has some possibilities.
I would like to upgrade my suspension fork on my Cannondale hardtail. Its the most basic and is pretty harsh, barely works. Nothing super fancy, maybe a RockShox J3 or 4. Now all I need is $$$$.

Spring isn't here yet, snowed this morning, melted off a bit but it's cold and ugly out. I want to RIDE! I did get on my Juliana the other day and just road around the driveway. It's still just a bit too much pressure on my shoulder, plus my arm moves like a slug, slow reaction time. Not the best for being on a bike. The rest of my body said YES! LETS RIDE! An internal war started. I COULD do it, after all, I do have a high pain tolerance and I really WANT to do it. Then I tried making a hard left turn, that decided it. I really think it would be more helpful to the healing process if I didn't accidently dislocate the shoulder. Darn...the dr keeps saying "6 more weeks" and I won't even know I had surgery. Well that will be a total of 11 weeks. Our above freezing season is soo short here, 6 weeks is precious time. I asked the Dr. about him telling me I would be back to real life 6 weeks post op, he said he that is for the typical couch potato life, not an active sort of life. Alrighty then.

Bummer of a weekend. Friday started out wrong, garbage at work. The ex didn't pick up my son, son says he didn't want to go anyway. Son goes to his cousin's house to bury his hurt in crappy video games and rootbeer. I woke up at midnight and I was the ONLY person home! My daughter hadn't made it home yet (she's 18 and I knew where she was), my son still next door blasting away space creatures and buzzing on sugar, **** not home from playing hockey, hanging with the guys. Can't sleep so I get up and take a drive. Maybe give **** an idea of what it's like to be MIA in the middle of the night, I don't know why I think stuff like that will work..... headsmack, headsmack, headsmack. Anywhoo, ended up at the car wash, scrubbing away at 1am - No lines, kinda nice. Truck nice and shiny. Got a paper, read a bit in the car wash parking lot, got hungry, McDonalds drive thru still open, got some french fries. Went home wet, tired, full of fries...everyone home now, daughter won $50 playing poker, climbed into bed, went to sleep.
**** and I were supposed to go flying up to Knik Glacier yesterday. I was ready and waiting and waiting and waiting. About 2 hours after what was to be lift off time, got a call from ****, he ran into a friend and visited for a few hours and was now leaving to go to talk with the pilot, would be here in a few minutes. More waiting, waiting, fell asleep on the couch, woke up, said f**k this and headed out the door to the store to get a tax return program (haven't done them yet..yeah..I know. What kind of life do I have where I do my taxes when I get stood up?? Sad, sad sad...). Never went flying. Never got a second call so I called ****, he was busy doing something else and would be home later. It was a fairly nice day outside and it was just wasted.

I'm going to finish my taxes and cruise E-bay for pedals !!!


George said...

Do the carbon fork and seatpost on your road bike and get Specialized "Bar Phat" tape if you have a dealer around. If not, order it online. Between the fork and the tape-it will take care of almost all the road buzz.

Divorce sucks. My sister-in-law was divorced a few years ago when her husband left her for a younger woman. It's always the kids that pay.

Not sure who "***" is but getting stood up ain't a whole lotta fun.

Maybe you should date more guys:-)

PS-You don't have your taxes done yet?


My wife and I have pretty much blown our return money! Sure was fun spending it though....

Michelle said...

Yeah, haven't done the taxes yet, only got about $100 back last year so it's not that exciting.

Can't do the dating thing, **** is my husband, married 7 yrs now. He's a good guy overall but gets caught up in his projects.

George said...


Didn't realize you were re-married.

I hope I didn't offend you.

Is it possible to be "stood up" when you're married? I guess it is........

Have fun shopping on eBay!

Michelle said...

No offense :). Nothing to worry about. Yeah, it's possible to be stood up by your spouse, but they usually can't get away with it for long - HA!