Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The shoulder and the Challenge

My shoulder is on the road to recovery, but it seems soo slow to me. I see the surgeon tomorrow for the 1st time post op. It will be 4 weeks post op on Tuesday. I don't feel like my shoulder is out of the socket so much anymore and am finally getting some use out of it, although limited. I have just recently been able to reach up high enough to brush my teeth, which is a good thing because I'm not the best with my left hand. I would be scrubbing away, using my left hand, then suddenly loose control of the tooth brush and end up with a toothpaste skidmark across my face from my mouth to my ear. Not the best look. It is tiring to brush with my right, but it's do-able. I am still working on range of motion, I am almost back to full range passively (putting my arm in a pulley and pulling it up and out) but it's a different story using my own strength. I an get just above 90 degrees but it is a lot of work. It's so strange. The physical therapist says it's the NEURO muscular that we are working on. Appearently this type of surgery interferes with the muscle/brain connection. It's sort of like an MS attack that i had once, my arm felt like it weighted a ton but I had no control over it. right now, it feels like it weighs a ton, but I do have control, it just isn't strong enough to lift all the way up. I still have a fair amount of pain, I'm taking more Advil right now than I did pre-surgery. I am hurting in odd places, like under my shoulder blade, no where near where the work was done. But the shoulder is the most complex joint of the body and these strange sore muscles are all part of getting it to work correctly.

Steve has given me a drink challege: to come up with a cocktail using Tawny Porto. That's interesting because someone recently gave me a bottle of Sandeman Tawny Porto. I didn't open it until this challenge, so I could have an idea what I was dealing with. Stay tuned to see what I come with and Steve's verdict!

I was on a bike today!! My nephew's bike has serious cable stretch and won't shift off the smallest chainring. Told him how to adjust it, looks like a simple fix. The derailler looks lined up nicely so I'm pretty sure it is the cable. He has never had anything done on it since purchasing it.

Cocktail of the day: White Russian - sweet and reliable :) Don't worry, I don't mix the pain pills wiht the cocktails - the pain pills make me nausiated - blahhh. :)

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