Friday, April 21, 2006


It's FINALLY the weekend. :)

I have a funeral to go to on Sunday. A guy I've known since 2nd grade, we were the same age.
He died of a drug overdose or at a minimum damage from abusing his body with drugs. There will be no autopsy because it is drug related one way or another.

The last few years he became a walking train wreck. He had 2 fatal accidents which were his fault. The 1st, about 10 years ago or so, he was driving his monster truck type truck, oversized wheels down the Seward Highway towards Girdwood (a road along the Turnagain Arm. Water on one side, mountains on the other). Something in the steering broke and he basically ran over an oncoming car and killed 2 occupants. The last year or maybe 2 years ago he was driving out of Wasilla on the Parks Hwy, crossed the center line, killed a 12 year old boy, critically injured the boy's twin sister and brain damaged the oldest sister. He dove into the drugs harder than ever after the 2nd crash. It got so bad his sister wouldn't allow him to be around her kids, he was homeless a lot. He was just a disaster, but he was always friendly when I saw him.

I have great memories of him before he became what he was at the end. To be honest, I have really messed up feelings about his death. Now he can't hurt anyone again. He never took responsibility for the accidents, especially this last one. Put his mom and sister through hell. But I am sad he is gone, sad he never did turn his life around. Sad he didn't turn back into the guy I knew and enjoyed.
Sad and that wrong?? Groan.

He destroyed many peoples lives. Not intentionally. But still guilty

His mom came to see me at work. We paid to bury him because no family could afford it.

She asked me to come to the private viewing of his body. There are a lot of people out there who are happy he is dead. His poor mom, she just wants people there who have good memories of him. I don't want to go. but I will. it's not about me or even about him. its about his mom. i don't want to but i will.

Mile on bike (on trainer) this week: 23 and change
Shoulder: hurts but moving better

Life should be good, sometimes it's not.

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