Thursday, August 25, 2005

MRI's Suck but Good Conversations are GREAT!

Had MRI for the vision loss and dizziness on Monday. One would think I'd get used to them, I have had so many of them. But no, I fight the "freak-out" factor of having my head caged down and stuck into a tub just inches away from my face. It's also SO LOUD. One of my ear plugs fell out when she put the cage on and I didn't have time to fix it so I spent what seemed like forever inside this awful pounding, buzzing, throbbing machine. They say there is nothing to feel, but I swear I could feel it "attracting" the water ions in my head, like a flushing of the face feeling. I don't know if those feelings were real or just imagined, but whatever. Didn't hurt, just strange feeling. It was also hard because of the vertigo...I seem to always feel like I'm falling off the bed, even when I know it's flat, not tilted. So I had to keep it all together and get it over with. I was pretty worn out after it was finished.

They kicked me out of there right away and I was still feeling bit disoriented and ears ringing, I found a couch in a waiting area and just relaxed a bit. I was wearing the t-shirt I got in the Humpy's run and a guy walked past and said "cool shirt, did you run??" I told him yes, just the 5K (there was also a 1/2 marathon and a full marathon). He asked how I did and I said it I was happy with my run. He told me he ran the full marathon and he was happy with how he did and it was hard to walk still, as his legs were stiff and sore. So here I am, just finished from being pelted with supercharged magnetic rays, chatting with a SUPER RUNNER, a REAL runner, a MARATHONER - That's 26.2 miles!!! He was in the top 30 or 40 finishers, so he is REALLY good, that's a BIG deal (at least to me). I tell him I'm not a good runner, I'm slow but I enjoy it. He says that's all that counts and at least I'm out there moving. He then had to get back to work. What a nice guy, and how cool to have something positive come up just when I needed it. I went home, too tired to run or bike but feeling a lot happier than when I went in.

There is a local 5K this Saturday, I would like to run it, it will be the last race before the snow comes, I think. I have been feeling pretty good. I will start hydrating myself good tomorrow and decide Saturday morning. The weather is supposed to be nice Saturday, it shouldn't be too hot since it is Autumn here. I do better in cooler weather.

I love my running shoes, Muzino Wave Creation. They rock. Especially good with the Asics running socks. My feet just sink into them...ahhh. Ok, that may be weird, but if you run, you understand.

I stopped at the bike shop today after work. I really love my bikes...I have the K2 road bike and also a Cannondale mountain bike. The bike shop has studded tires for winter riding. That would be fun if I could figure out a way to keep warm without having to dress in so many layers that I am the size of a Sumo Wrestler.

Next week we go to our cabin in the wilderness. We have to hire a bush plane and be flown in. I don't run while I am there, too many bears and the only thing that runs in the wild is PREY! Hope to see swans, caribou, moose, eagles, go fishing, pick blueberries and have a good time. Its a place where your soul can relax, it soaks up the beauty and smiles. I won't be posting while I'm there, no electric, phones, bathrooms...but we have the best outhouse ever :).

Life is Good!


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frenchy said...

Sounds fantastic to be able to go away to ur own little retreat. Will be nice and relaxing for you. Also hope you get to particiapte in the run. See how you go! Sounds good to get that pick me up from the stranger in the waiting room who also ran in the 5K. Someone is watching over you!!