Sunday, August 28, 2005

Last 5K of the Season, GOOD Run

My husband, neice and I ran the State Fair Parade Day 5K race yesterday. Fall is on it's way here, it was 37 degrees outside when I woke up to prepare for the race...bbbrrrr. The was starting to peak over the mountains so the day warmed up by race time but it was still a bit cool in the shadows, which is nice when I get hot from running.
We got to the race and we suprised to see our 21 yr old niece, she decided to run it at the last minute, it was her 1st race. She was glad we were there. The race started and I was at the back of the pack as usual, so I won't be in anyone's way and get ran over -yeah, really. The front runners were soon out of sight and I was plodding along. The 1st mile I always feel like, ugh, this is hard, I don't know if I can make it, then I get into the goove and settle into a pace. There was a lady in front of me in a pink shirt, I was hoping to pass her but she started picking up the pace the pace at the end, which caused me to pick up mine also, but I just didn't have enough giddyup to pass her. My time was 34:10 (unoffical), my husband got 2nd in his age group, 20:50 and my niece got 2nd in her age group also (24:somthing). It would be a miracle if I ever placed in any race, that would be soo cool. I am happy with my time, it's an improvement over the Humpy's run of 36:14.
So today I'm tired. I'm trying not to overdo it, I was a bit disoriented this morning when I woke up, I hate that. Since this was the last run of the summer, I plan on getting more time in on my bike until the snow comes. I also want to keep up the running this winter,its harder to be motivated in the winter with no races to work for and being stuck on the treadmill.
Maybe I will take a spin class at the gym, we will see.

Still haven't been able to get a hold of the dr. to go over the MRI results or the shoulder x-ray. I'm frustrated. The dr's staff if pretty poor, I get the feeling when I go in there there the girls don't know what they are doing most of the time. I called for the 3rd time to try and set up a phone appt. and the receptionist said I would get the results in NOVEMBER. I said no, that is not what the Dr. said. So we had a little disagreement. Finally she said she would have the dr. call me when he was able, I gave her my work and cell phone number, because I was AT work and told her I would be there until 5 pm. No call received. I got home and there was a message on my machine from the dr, sounding a bit irritated that I wasn't picking up. The girl gave him my HOME #. Pissed me off. When I finally get in touch with the dr, I will let him know the difficulty I have been having with the staff. I just want to know the results....but I already do know the results from the past MRI's. Sigh...

Gotta go get school supplies. My daughter graduated highschool as a junior last year and is starting college tomorrow. My son is 8th grade. I feel OLD....;) but I a RUNNER/BIKER chick.


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