Monday, August 22, 2005

Humpy's 5K 08/21/05

Got my race results from the Humpy's run yesterday: 36 min 14 seconds. Not my best time, but hey, I had a bad week, ok...a bad month, so I'm happy just to finish!!

Here is a link to my soggy, smiley finish. It was pouring rain and a bit windy, but it was a run of a lifetime after a month of MS induced vertigo, weakness and then temporary vision loss a week ago.

I joined a gym and went for the 1st time today on my lunch break, did a fast weight training workout and then a 4 mile bike ride in the wind when I got home from work. My body and soul are rejoicing and giving a big sigh: it feels soooo good just to feel close to NORMAL again. There is just no way to describe it.

I go for an MRI tomorrow because of the vertigo and temp partial vision loss I experienced last week. I hate MRI's. I also have prostetic innner bones, I had surgery to remove diseased stapes bones that was cause hearing loss in both ears. Anyway, the would not do the MRI last week when it was originally scheduled because the prostetics are metal and they needed to know what kind so the MRI wouldn't rip them out of my head before they would do it. Got it all cleared up and the prostetics aren't metallic or attracted to magnets, so all is a GO!

I LOVE riding my bike. I have a K2 road bike, lightweight and skinny wheels. I love the speed, the wind, the feel of the bike. Riding is easier than running. I can smell things when I ride; flowers, grass, etc. I don't smell things when I run because I'm too busy breathing...HA!

I am not a natural runner, running is hard for me, I'm not really good at it, but it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something and that's why I do it.

I'm part of the Runner's World Beginner's Forum and have found a weath of knowledge there and some wonderful, supportive people. I recently posted there the problem I was having with MS that caused me to not be able to run. Then I shared yesterdays sucessful 5K and beating the monster and got some really great responses from my fellow forumites:

you showed a hell of a lot of heart, determination and tremendous will just to even think about doing this race. I figure if you can handle a cow stepping on your foot, you can handle just about anything. It's people and great runners such as yourself that that teaches and inspires me that the magnanimous power of the human spirit is boundless. Thank you for posting on this board for it is people such as yourself that all runners can draw hope and strength from. You are a great example to many and your contributions are much more far reaching than just your race results

Yes, I have cows and 1 stepped on my foot this spring, broke it pretty good!!! That cow better taste good.....

It inspires me to think you are out there running facing the challenges you face. Kind of puts it into perspective when I am just feeling like a whiner and a wimp that I have no clue what real challenges are. Congratulations to you and your husband on a fine race and welcome back to the world of normalcy.

Everyone's comments are wonderful and supportive.

I don't feel like I am doing anything special by running or biking. It's amazes me that ANYONE can run a marathon, half marathon, 10K or even a fast 5K. It all takes heart, commentment and each has it's own challenges. It's all GOOD! I just want to MOVE.

That's enough for now.


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