Friday, October 31, 2008

Hurt shoulder.....redux

Last week I slipped in the parking lot at work. As I was going down, my left arm caught on a vehicle. My arm stayed up while the rest of me when down. It was about 7:30 a.m and the parking lot had not been sanded yet. Immediate pain in the shoulder. So I pick myself up and go inside, wiping the coffee out of my hair. Within 5 minutes my index finger was numb and I couldn't move my arm very well. Crud.
I talk to my boss who says I have to go to the dr immediately to get it checked out. So I go, the only Dr open and available at that time of the morning is the urgent care walk in clinic. It's a pretty nice clinic and I have been there before but this morning the Dr. is more interested in talking politics. After he finds out where I work, he launches into how we might soon end up a welfare state because those who make more will have it taken away and given to those who make less, Obama sending us down a socialist/marxist path, this fosters social and economic stagnation because who what to work hard to get ahead only to have it taken away and why doens't the MTV generation see this?

I will keep my views on this to myself as I don't want to get into this on my blog, but I WAS NOT into talking politics at this moment. He pulled on my arm, which didn't hurt too much but I kept telling him that the pain in the top part of the shoulder and under the shoulderblade. He pushed on the top of my shoulder, yes, that hurts. Nothing about the rest of the pain. He didn't think anything was torn around the joint. He did an x-ray and thought he saw something at the top of the joint, maybe a bone chip, definitely "calcium". The he lauches back into politices as he gives me anti-inflammitories and pain killers. Then sends me on my way. Ok, a week later and my shoulder really hurts under the shoulderblade. My neck is hurting and stiff because of the way I'm holding my shoulder. After a day of work, I'm not in a happy place when I get home, my shoulder aches and neck is crunched up tight.

I'm getting phone calls from Worker's comp and the complex owner's insurance company...who informed me this may be a vehicle insurance, no, I tell them, it's absolutely NOT a vehicle insurance claim.

So now I'm going to follow up with the Dr. who did my other shoulder surgery a few years back.
It just bums me out to even think of the smallest possibility of shoulder surger - that whole thing was no fun, but it did lessen the pain in that shoulder significantly so it was worth it.

We are continuing to work on the house, we turned the large hallway which leads into the main living area into a sitting area with a small tv and great for curling up with a book in the evenings and watching the sunset. This has been a wasted space, now useable. The color of the walls is really pretty but doesn't show true in the photo. It's a nice, soft golden yellow called "clarified butter".

The weather has been nippy but ground is nice and frozen so it's perfect for riding with studs. If my shoulder would allow it :(

We went to a Halloween fundraiser last week. I was the greek godess of Hops but non-beer people don't get it so would alternate to greek goddess of Autumn, Wogster was a computer virus, and Capt'n Balance was Capt'n Plunger

I have a wedding to go to tonight and the best man is the trooper in the Sarah Palin Troopergate. Yes, he did really taze a 12 yr old boy but the kid asked him to do it, according to the bride. I'm sure all eyes will be on him to see if he does anything stupid.


bikingbrady said...

Man...sorry to hear about your spill and hope it doesn't require surgery. Go get a massage for your deserve it ;-)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Sorry about the shoulder; hope you can recover without the pain of surgery. A drag that you can't ride, what with all of that frozen tundra! :^)
Nice costume by the way; you certainly are the Queen of Oktober Ales (and stouts and porters and hiefweizens!).
Like the paint color, hate the name.
I bet the folks in Alaska can't wait for the media folks to head home and leave them alone! :^)

Michelle said...

The election is over and the media is STILL Sarah bashing. Got over it.

MRI scheduled on Saturday to see if I will need surgical repair for a Bankart (I think) tendon seperation from the bone.


On the positive side, I got a batch of Sweet Eddy the second carbing as well as the Black Cat or Heart of Darkness ale. Mmmm, beer.

oldmanandhisbike said...

MMMMMM, Sweet Eddy (hint, hint)!

Michelle said...

I'll trade you a Sweet Eddy for some Fat Tire!!!!!!

bikingbrady said...

Where am I sending it to?!?!?! I'll ship you some ;-)

sang hyun said...


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oldmanandhisbike said...

I suggested to the guys down in Carson City ( who were looking to start a garage based brewery that they contact you and develop the lower 48 production and distribution site for your tasty brews.
That way the rest of us can enjoy some "Sweet Eddy" and you can get regular shipments of Fat Tire Ale back to Alaska along with those big checks that will start "pouring" in! :^)
Give it some thought.
P.S. Hope the shoulder is feeling better.

Michelle said...

Maybe then I could quit my day job!!! All bikes, all beer, all the time!!!!!!

Brady, don't tease me...I've had one bottle of Fat Tire and really enjoyed it. I want to try their Mothership Wit..but can't.

PS. MRI on the shoulder scheduled this friday, follow-up with dr. on Monday. Then we will know...

dasil003 said...

Face it, work is too dangerous. The coffee probably had you all jittery, risking life and limb in an icy parking lot. You'll be a lot safer on your bike.

Michelle said...

I like your way of thinking.....

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