Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cabin Pictures, August/September 2008

The fridge

Newest addition to our Bald Eagle family

Bear protection while out and about
Digging new hole for outhouse, about 2.5 ft down, started digging up bones and jaw in a layer of burned materials. Turned out to be a caribou. How old do you think those bones are, buried under 2.5 feet of dirt and tundra??

Coming in for landing on the lake
So long, Beav
The trail to the cabin


D A N O said...

Your cabin is way better than my cabin.

The Donut Guy said...

The plane landing on the lake is a SERIOUSLY cool picture:-)

oldmanandhisbike said...

The pictures are really great; beautiful place. Looks like a very remote but enjoyable location to get away from it all.
Hope you had a good time. Looking at the photos, it looks like you did!

Chris said...

Awesome pictures.

bikingbrady said...

Can I borrow your bear protection? I need it down here for some idiot students. Have to weed them out...

I'd say "welcome back" but I'm sure you would probably rather be at the cabin that back

Michelle said...

We did have a great time. It's nice to put the pressures of the bill-paying daily grind behind and put in a day's hard labor of just pure, clean necessities for survival: water, wood, food.

Brady, firearms are NOT the way to weed out your students!!! Just FYI. hehe

Michelle said...

Watching the plane take off and land is always fun. Flying is even better! Those Beaver's fly low and slow, remind me of a big, fat bumblebee. Amazing workhorses of a bush plane. Sad they don't make them anymore. They are my favorite bush plane.

Motorcycle Jacket said...


This was a great journey in your life.