Friday, November 14, 2008

Black Cat Ale and MRI

I wimped out of my 1st MRI, turns out I am a bit claustrophobic.

So I went back with some Valium this morning and although I wasn't totally relaxed, I got through it.

MRI's are damn loud. My ears are still ringing even though I had earplugs in.

And they aren't that bad....with drugs anyway.

Now I'm tired and want to just go to bed but I have to pick up my kid from school soon so no sleep.

I opened up a bottle of my Black Cat, not totally carbed but very promising beer!

I also opened up a Sweet Eddy the Second, still pretty green but will be great after it matures.

Nothing great going on with biking, just spinning my wheels in the morning on my trainer in the bike shop. Due to the shoulder, I'm having to prop up the front wheel a bit. Also wrist issues seem to be reoccurring but don't bother me while riding, at this point. Later in the day comes the discomfort.

We got a few inches of snow the other day, I'm glad. I want it to snow a couple of feet. Sure is pretty.

Soon we will start on renovating the bathroom. That shouldn't take too long, nothing major that we know of.

Follow up with the Dr. on Monday. I just can't imagine that I will need surgery, not much pain but lots of crunching and popping - although this could be a sign of a disconnected or stretched tendon, which requires surgery. Will update when I know more.


Andy said...

Cool label.

Try to stop bumping into things and blaming it on the ice!

Hope you feel better.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I second andy's thoughts on the label; very 60's chic!
Crunching and popping does not sound pleasant. Hope you can find a fix and back on the bike without pain.
Snow is here too. Though probably not permanant yet. Of course, now that I said that . . . .

D A N O said...

We have no snow yet here in Wisco.
But the beach is froze and ridible!

Get better soon!

Karen Travels said...

How are you!? Long time, no see.