Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend in Hope and Whittier

We spent the weekend in Hope and then Whittier. Nice weather in Hope, major rain in Whittier.

Hiked up a mountain at Hope, so not much riding as our legs were pretty pooped. In this picture, we are in a very vertical spot. I found a little ledge to sit on but was still hanging on to the tree a little so I didn't slide down the mountain. I wasn't able to get a photo due to vertigo-inducing heights. I don't really like heights.

Lots of glaciers at Whittier.

Last photo is McHugh Creek - this is where I had my 16th birthday party! I always was an outdoors girl. This is one of my all-time favorite places. I am sad to see how it has been "civilized".


bikingbrady said...

Where's your helmet young lady? (said in my best parental voice)

Stinky Daddy said...

Yes! Where is your lid?!?!

Michelle said...

Well, I am a bad, bad girl. I am very pro-helmet. It just wasn't a long ride so I went without. NO excuse, I know. Shame, shame on me.

D A N O said...

You DO live in Gods country!

Most of us just dream of places like that.

I know I do!


Karen Travels said...

OH my goodness I cannot wait to get up there. I leave in about 2 weeks!! My dream is this close to becoming a reality!!

oldmanandhisbike said...

I have to second the "higher power of your choice" country comment by Dano. That is an amazingly beautiful place.
P.S. I am afraid of heights so I would have added wet tighty-whiteys to your hanging on for dear life!
It is good to see you on your bike, helmet or not!
P.S. How is the Sweet Eddie?

Michelle said...

Hey Karen! Bring the sunshine and don't listen to the people who say summer is over. The natives look at the fireweed, expect snow 6 weeks after it 1st goes to seed. The fireweed hasn't even fully blossemed here yet. We have at least 2 months before snow fall :)

Yep, we live in God's country but made the mountains so high here it's hard to reach him sometimes.

I was OK with the elevation until we got above the tree line - then it's that vertigo dizzy feeling and where does the next foot/hand go. Really sucked. I will have to research to see if vertigo can be overcome. Same thing happened when I was at the Grand Canyon hiking. I stayed away from the edges.

The Sweet Eddy is spectacular! The liquid wheat yeast gives it a nice aroma and subtle fruity flavor, the honey is also suble and leaves a nice aftertaste. I am giddly happy with it. :) I truly rate this at my number 1 favorite so far. I have a Jamaican lager aging which I also have high hopes for.

D A N O said...

I took a bad tumble on the road in 2004. Hit my head and broke my helmet. It saved my life for sure.
Every since, I now have vertigo fairly bad. I used to go on tons of rides like at six flags, ete. I no longer can. I get dizzy getting up or laying down sometimes.
Sometimes its gone for months, then hits me hard, then gone for months again. Weird.

Daniel B. said...

Weather looks nice there!

Michelle said...

I have had middle ear bones in both ears replaced so I am sure that contribute to the altitude induced vertigo. No fun.

The weather was nice that weekend, has since turned back to clouds, drizzle and rains

Anonymous said...

I was in Whittier July 15th or the 16th... Awesome little town with some incredible views. Took the 26 Glacier cruise. Did the the 100 miles of the Fire weed 400 on the 12th as well. Best vacation i've ever taken!