Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Super DOT of AK

Last Friday, I had the day off. I was near the State of AK DOT office so I decided to "drop on in" for a chat about the bike paths.

Just so happens that the "super" was there. His name is Kurt.

Kurt was a very nice guy, but nervous. He asked me is I was "Sharon". Obviously, Sharon has been chewing his ass about the bike paths also.

Poor, poor guy (NOT).

He let me know that yes, he totally understands and sympathizes with the plight of the local bike path users. And he agrees they are in desperate need of cleaning. Things are so out of his control, he doesn't have the funding nor the equipment (but he's trying to get it). If only he had photos of the poor state of conditions, then he could go to his super's and convince them the need is desperate.

Well HELLO! I JUST happened to have my camera on me WITH photos! He gulps. I download them for him. He then says it will be taken care of the 1st week of July.

OK, I'm holding him to it. I tell him I'm still going to the papers, his name and our conversation will be written about and he WILL see me again if the paths aren't cleared off.

My overall impression? He's feeding me a line of big ol' BS.

Ok, bring it on. I'm not going away.


bikingbrady said...

Note to self..stay on Michelle's good side.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Michelle! Cut them no slack. You (and Sharon) are true heroes. Val

The Donut Guy said...

Do *NOT* piss Michelle off :-)

My wife is also kinda like that....part of the reason why i love her so much.