Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Path is CLEAN!

I sent an email to the State maintenance guys telling them that I was going to give public testimony at the Governor's Council on Disabilities (held at my office last week). I was going to report how the lack of maintenance of the bike paths presents a barrier to people with disabilities from using the paths.

I actually got an email back from 2 of them! Never have I had a response in 4 years I have been dealing with this issue. NEVER! Needless to say, I was quite surprised to get 2 responses.

The first email was from the Superintendent here in Palmer, who said the path would be cleaned off by "this afternoon" (Monday).

And it was.

2 sad parts to this story: 1) summer is half over,
2) I'm working in Anchorage still so I haven't been able to ride to work.

I was thinking how great it will be to ride on the path, without feeling like I'm going to crash as my tires slip around in deep sand, or how I won't have to ride on the edge of the highway, both with and against traffic, and how riding mile after mile of bone rattling gravel won't be missed. I then realized I haven't really enjoyed riding to work this year. When I think of it, it's got a negative feel to it. I don't like that negativity so I'm looking forward to getting in some ride time where I'm not fighting just to stay upright.

BTW, Anchorage is really getting into the bike scene! Cyclist are everywhere! When is the Valley going to wake up???

Here is the latest label for my beer, a blueberry bock. Should be ready to drink in about 2 or so weeks.


Stinky Daddy said...

I cannot believe you have not been riding! Especially after you forced me to buy a road bike... I've been on my new ride all but 3 days since I bought it. Jealous?

Good looking label. Glad to see you're brewing. I have not brewed a batch since I hit the road. I guess I can blame that on you too!

Chris said...

Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale is one of my favorite beers.

Michelle said...

yes, I AM jealous! I almost ran over a guy on a bike today, he just road right out into the road. I would have ran right over him but I was saw him and it didn't look like he was slowing down. Stomp on the brakes and he is still in one piece.

I am here until Thursday - bikeless. This weekend we are heading out of town (finally - only the 2nd time this summer) and hope to get some mountain biking in but the weather looks rainy so the trails may be mud. We try not to contribute to trail distruction.

Chris, I never had blueberry beer, hope I will like it. Bar Harbor isn't sold here (like a lot of the beers you drink - bummer!)

Poodie, the theme is "bikes and BEER". You CAN do both. :) And if you can't, then choose one and send me the other - choose bikes - send me all your beer stuff. Choose beer -send me you bike! Oh yeah, I call that a win-win!

oldmanandhisbike said...

Glad to see that "sticking to your guns" pays off. We all could learn a lesson from that. Congrats.
Mmmmm, Blueberry Bock! I'll take a case.
Chris is right; Bar Harbor is awesome. Had two of them tonight after my ride!
Sorry about the lack of a bike; hope you can get out there soon.