Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I started riding to work last week. The mornings are still very cold, averaging around 35 degrees. There is still ice on the lake that I ride past and the wind is usually blowing icy air off of it. The bike paths are in crappy shape and haven't been swept off, inches of road sand and rocks in some places. But it's really nice to be riding again.

I have only had one encounter so far with drivers knowing right-of-way rules of the road, I wasn't sure if the lady was going to suddenly gun her big SUV and run me over or if she was actually going to stop. Since I'm typing this, it's obvious that she stopped.

I have noticed that when people do this, they usually pretend like it didn't happen; avoid eye contact, no friendly or apologetic or "oops" type of signals, just sitting there looking off with a scowl on their faces. When I screw up, I always try to make eye contact and offer a "sorry" type of signal. Manners. But that's just me.

We were in Anchorage over the weekend. This moose was in no hurry to cross the street. Traffic was backed up as the moose mosied along.

Flocks of Canadian geese are everywhere. So are the eagles, preying on the geese. The other day the sky was filled with hundreds and hundreds of freaked out geese, 3 Bald eagles were on the hunt. It was quite a sight.


Snakebite said...

I like it when the geese migrate through here. It's cool to see the bald eagles - and the carnage.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Sorry about the late winter but glad to see some grass and clear pavement.
We have a bald eagle that I have yet to catch on film who sits in the knarly tree behind our house and spies on the geese. They are amazing to see up close.
The eye contact thing is so true; I never get a nod from the person after they f-up. If anything, maybe even a shake of the head as if it was actually my fault!
Be careful out there.

A Midnight Rider said...

They let good meat walk freely in Bombay just like you guys do.

Another quirk is that everyone stops for geese crossing the road around here.

D A N O said...

I always hate it when a moose wont let me pass in DANOville (not).

Michelle said...

Good meat for sure. That moose would fill my freezer nicely. Geese are pretty good eating too, not just for eagles.

My sister in law has some annoying little dogs....where are the eagles when you need them? And I'm a dog lover, these little creatures aren't really dogs...

Anonymous said...

They're actually not Canadian Geese. They're Canada Geese, named for the guy who named them.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the correction, Anon, you are right.
I also should have called them a gaggle of geese. :)

Juneau Eco Mommie said...

Yeah a moose. I don't see those here in Juneau. Love your pretty pink bike :)