Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have a winner for the name of my latest batch of beer: Old Man wins with his entry of "A Whiter Shade of Pale Ale". Fitting for this snowy spring day. We opened a bottle at the cabin and took a taste test, it got a double thumbs up rating from 4 out of 5 drinkers (the Lost Boys). Capt'n Balance gave it a 1 thumbs up because he is not a hops head. It's nicely carbinated and in my garage clarifiying/lagering. I am going to open up another bottle tonight. The offical "ready to drink" date is 3 to 5 more weeks but it may be all gone by then!

I made a mad dash trip to the cabin last weekend, got it closed up for the summer, hopefully no bears will break in. The Weather was spectacular, sunny, warm, fresh snow. So bright outside it was painful to go out without sunglasses.


Relaxing in the Tree Chair

I made this Crown Royal hat for one of the Lost Boys

Snowshoe Rabbit: The same bunny we saw in March, loosing it's winter coat

Fox Tracks
Post Ride Banana Daiquiri

Stuck in Deep Snow

We went for a nice, long snowmachine ride with the Lost boys. I got a slight sunburned face with white around the eyes (sunglasses). Days like that are high on the "It's Great to Be Alive" list.

I was going to ride my bike to work yesterday. I was getting everything ready but Bike Boy stopped me and told me it was supposed to snow...not just a little but inches. So I drove to work instead. By 10 am the snow was dumping down in big, heavy flakes. Now we have about 5 inches of the end of's supposed to be Spring....but it's not. Maybe tomorrow Spring will come, but not today. I'm thinking of heading to Hawaii...


The donut guy said...

Spring ain't there yet? That's gotta suck.

How long is summer?

20 minutes?

Keep drinking those economy sized daiquiris and you might miss the whole season:-)

Karen Travels said...

Don't move to Hawaii!! Who will take me to the cabin next winter!??

I am so ready to hear if I have a job or not. Hell, I am just going to move up there. I have experience working at Burger King. Ya'll d have BK up there, right?


Good to hear from you !!

Juneau Eco Mommie said...

Love the pics, especially the chair, bunny and pretty drinking mama...go to Hawaii now before it gets too humid, and crowded, and hot, and...well just, have a great week where ever you are.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I feel honored that you chose my suggestion. So, I am assuming I should be on the lookout for UPS to deliver MY case any time? :^)
The pictures are hilarious; I am so surprised to hear that Cory Haim and Cory Feldman live in Alaska now!!
Sorry about the snow. I guess I had better hold on my blog-bitching about our 40 degree temps!

Anonymous said...

I hope the tree chair has a seatbelt. I would be the guy to fall asleep up there and then end up in a bad position.

I hope the new bike is treating you well.

Michelle said...

Donut Guy: if the weather doesn't change, summer might only be 10 minutes this year

Karen: Don't worry, I'm not "really" going anywhere...only in my mind :)

Juneau Mom: Thanks :)...and hawaii will have to wait...

Old Man: the name is a hit, well liked by all who see it. No copywrite issues yet...And I've lost your address, darn it, so don't keep your hopes up for a case of ale on your doorstep. The Corys are undercover, no one knows they are here.

Monkey: yes, the tree chair does have a seatbelt for the very reason of your conclusion. The tree will soon be retired and become firewood - the lost boys are not a young as they used to be, nor have they gotten any smarter in their old age, no need to tempt them. :).

A Midnight Rider said...

You know, some of the stuff you guy do up there seem kind of weird to us Cape Codders, don't you?

Michelle said...

REALLY???? Like what? :)

shawnkielty said...

Umm -- like the blue banana daquiris -- is that glacial ice?