Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yep, I'm still here.

Just feeling a bit negative.

Selling my Zing...

I don't want to...

But the wrist issues are making it impossible to ride the Zing.
I'm ready to trade this defective 40 yr old body in for 2 twenties.

Check out
Tim's Bicycles and Icicles "Bent"

Go ahead and accuse me of bragging, but I'm the inspiration for his post....last time I was someone's "muse" I ended up in court getting a protective order...I don't think I will need to go that route with Tim, but I now have this secret fear that I may end up a recumbent poster child.

Which means I may have to dress like this. .. yeah, this is real, found it while doing an image search on recumbents. Tron anyone?

This poor, poor child. Can it get worse than a recumbent and camo crocks?

While I don't think I will be sentenced to a recumbent anytime soon, Tim's post did cheer me up. Thank's Tim, I owe you a beer.


Tim said...

You'll never need the court's help with me, Michelle.

Like I was telling my friends John Belushi and Elvis Presley last week while we were having dinner on the mothership (they're not really dead -- the CIA made them disappear because of what they know), I said, "Guys, a restraining order would only ruin the beauty of the relationship that Michelle and I share."

By the way, that beer sounds great! If you don't mind, I'll just put down my binoculars and tap on your window the next time I see you drinking my favorite brand.

I miss you, and I'll see you soon. Once I stash away enough ammo, the government won't be able to keep us apart any longer.


Michelle said...

Oh gawd, not again.

Michelle said...

Did I mention before that I carry a gun? :)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Sorry to hear about you having to "lose" the zing. But don't give into Bent-lemania just yet.
Let me know how the trade-in goes; I would be glad to settle for a thirty and a twenty right now!

Tim said...


No hablo ingles!

D A N O said...

By the way.... Tron is cool.

Snakebite said...

What? No pictures of the gun?

forestvillian said...

Chain Driven,

Next time you ride through Denali, stop by the Crow's Nest and hawk your beer.

Ask for Mike or Carol, the owners, who happen to be my Aunt and Uncle.

And I'm under the impression that people look tastier to bears on a recumbent...

Keep up the good work..



Karen Travels said...

Hey - what's new? Hows the good life in Alaska?

I still haven't heard from any principals...of course most of them said May...but I have no patience.

Hope all is well.

Michelle said...

Old man - No luck yet morphing myself into 2 20's.

Tim - you wussy :)

Dano - Tron is cool, this guy is not.

Snake - I dont' want to give the cops any evidence...

Pat - You got a deal! Denali and Beer - that is the GOOD LIFE! Thanks! And I agree with your assessement about the bear bait.

Karen - don't give up, keep emailing them!
And Life is good as long as I have my family, bikes, friends, food, beer, mountains, sunshine and fresh air. :)

A Midnight Rider said...

Here is a little something from a fellow Hummer hater.