Saturday, June 10, 2006

What Beer Do You Want to See With My Bike?

Give me suggestions of the beer you would like to see with my bike, if it's available in Alaska, I will get it, ride the bike, drink the beer, shoot the picture and post it, naming whoever gave the recommendation for the beer. This could be your 2 seconds of Bike and Beer fame!! If it's not available here in Alaska, send me some in the mail :)


DT said...

Well this better be available in Alaska, it's brewed in Juneau ::

Alaskan Smoked Porter

Arleigh said...

new castle of course

Michelle said...

Alaskan Smoked Porter will be no problem. I think I have seen New Castle before but I'm not sure. Looks like a field trip to the liquor store for me! Damn, this is gonna be fun!

Thanks for the suggestions :)

James said...

I bet you could jam a Warsteiner 5 liter mini keg in there with a slight modification. It might rub the front tire, but you probably aren’t going to want to ride very fast with it anyway. On second thought, maybe a Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout would be better.

Michelle said...

Oh yeah, a slight mod would be needed and I don't think I would be able to ride straight. Drunks on Bikes :)

I have never heard of Samuel Smith beer. I will be looking for it.
Thanks James

daveIT said...

Anything by Midnight Sun is great and all the beers from Avery Brewing are amazing. You can get growlers of the small batches and special stuff that doesn't get bottled of MidnightSun beer and I find Avery at Yukon Spirits or Brown Jug down here in Anchorage. Stone Brewing makes a smoked porter and some other really great beers (Arrogant Bastard Ale, Leviathan).

Have you hit the Beer & Barley Wine festival up here yet? I went this year (Jan or Feb) and it was the DOGS BOLLOCKS!

If you want more recommendations I will post some more.

Michelle said...

DaveIT, did I meet you at the Bradley/Kepler ride, with Tim? Dirt Rag jesery??

I found the Samuel Smith Oatmeal and have looked at Midnight Sun Full Curl but never tried it. I think this is the day. I have a friend who I give Arrogant Bastard to, he won't share, for obvious reasons...that damn bastard

I haven't been to the B&B festival but heard good things about it. I will have to check it out, then go rent a hotel room for the night, ohh yeah, no dribing, I mean driving, after that party.

I'm not familure with Avery's. I will be looking for it. Going to Talkeetna camping/biking this weekend, bringing a gun to keep the locals away...more damn bastards

Thanks for the recommendations, Keep watching for your 2 seconds