Friday, June 23, 2006

It SNOWED Last Night

It has been raining and the temps have dropped. Dropped enought for it to snow on the mountains....what time of year is it? There is snow at Hatcher's Pass now. I'm NOT happy about this. Summer here is short enough, we don't need Winter interferring.

My son's birthday was 06/14, I went to the bike shop to pick up the bike in the am, it wasn't ready. A problem with the disk brakes, the rotors were bent or something, Bike guy didn't have time to really get into it. It's still the MAD season as the bike shop, Bike guy says he's had a customer really getting on his case so he wanted to get her bikes finished up for her. Ok, I can deal with that. It accually increased the suspense of my son, who HOPED I would be coming home with a bike.

When I came home with no bike, the kid's jaw dropped to the floor. He asked where I had been, said I had to go to my office and get some work done. He did that long, skinny, slopped-shoulder droop that only a 15 year old boy can do, got out his bass guitar and started strumming loud and sad...I giggled to myself. So then around 4:30 pm, I told him to get into the truck and i will take him to the bank to cash the birthday check he got. His cousin, Bike Kid #2 tagged along. We started heading to the town where the bike shop is, not the town we live next to. He started asking WHY we are going this way, to where the BIKE SHOP is?? I just couldn't help but smile and giggle. So he figured it out for sure, but I still made him wait so I could get his check cashed. Then we pulled into the bike shop. He was bouncing at this point. He didn't know what bike he got. He said he thinks I got him a road bike. Bike Guy, as non-chalant as always, asked my kid "what's up?". My son gets a confused look on his face, Bike Guy is working on a old lady's cruiser. My son mumbles something, Bike Guy's wife comes out and tells him "Happy Birthday" and to check out is new ride. Out comes the full suspension 2006 K2 Lithium 3. Bike guy upgraded the bars to FSA carbon fiber bars and rear derailler to X.9. I really like the value of K2's - good bikes with quality components at good price. We have 2 K2's already and they are great bikes, no complaints at all. I have had more problems with 1 my Cannondale, never any problems with the K2's. It's a beautiful bike and the kid is HAPPY!

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