Monday, June 05, 2006

Good Weekend

Good ride this weekend, to Eklutna Glacier (as far as you can ride) and back, about 26 miles or so. My friend's mom also thought it was a bit much for Bike Guy to shut down, blow off his family and drive 12 hrs to deliver a bike, she called him and told him they would figure out some other way to get the bike. My friend still thinks the mom should have let him, but I guarentee if it was the FRIEND who was in Bike Guy's position, she would NOT even think about doing that. Some things should be a 2-way street. Let's not be soo selfish. Yes, I agree it would be good avertising for Bike Guy, but it also needs to be realistic. That's just my opinion.

Almost my kid's birthday, his bike is being built!! I can't wait to give it to him!

We checked out the campgrounds at the end of Eklutna Lake, that will be our 1st bike/camping destination. Saw 2 brown bears, quite a few mountain goats on the valley walls, was told of a few other black bears that were closer by in the brush. We will bring a gun, state the tent away from the fire and will have to bring rope to suspend food from a tree. Yep, we really do these things. Then just kick back and enjoy the wilderness.

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