Wednesday, March 05, 2008

FINALLY...The Cabin

I FINALLY will be going out to the cabin!!!

I have been working tons of overtime at the new job. No time for anything but eating, sleeping
(barely - too much thinking about the job), working and then doing it all over again.

A week off work is going to be really, really nice.

Being at the Cabin with family and friends will be the icing on the cake!

I snuck a taste of my pale ale that is fermenting....ohh, it is going to be AWESOME! Much better than the basic Hot Kiss Hef. Again, I'm taking suggestions on the name.

I will post beautiful cabin pictures when I get back!

I hope everyone is well. I haven't had any time to check out the blogs and feel out of the loop.


The donut guy said...

You *gotta* read Jill's blog.

She is recapping her race.....pretty amazing stuff:-)

bikingbrady said...

Hot Leggz Pale Ale has a nice ring to it. BLAS Pale Ale would be choice number 2 (Bike Legs are Sexy).

oldmanandhisbike said...

How about: Whiter Shade of Pale Ale. A little wordy I know.
Have fun up at your Cabin in the great white north. I know I could use a break from life right now too.
Still haven't found the right Camaro Guy picture, but maybe by the time you get back! :^)

Snakebite said...

Albert. Albert meet Steve. Steve this is Albert. He's a little pale but still knows how to rock.



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Juneau Eco Mommie said...

Have a blast, I wish I was going to my cabin in Alaska. Well, 7 weeks away. . .

A Midnight Rider said...

It seem like just yesterday you were moving out of the cabin. Is time passing quicker lately, or just passing us by?

squiffy said...


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