Sunday, February 17, 2008

BEER! I just couldn't wait any longer, I opened my 1st bottle of my wheat homebrew - I have to say the 1st taste was a little on the mild side, but it's still early, only conditioned for about 1.5 weeks after a week of carbination. And that was without the yeast. After pouring into a glass, with the yeast, the favor was much fuller. The head was nice and foamy, good retention and perfect carbination level. I then opened up a bottle of Blue Moon and did a comparison, determined the wheat is on track and with some additional time to develop the flavor, will be pretty good for a basic beer. Blue Moon is a white Belgian with some added spice and orange, a cousin to hef, so not the same but close enough due to the wheat and yeast for a comparision since I don't have any commercial hef on hand. Got a mild buzz on an empty stomach so the alcohol is there - yeah, I'm a lightweight, an advantage when buying drinks.
Me + 1 or 2 drinks = a cheap date (cuz I'm done drinking for the night )

I have a name for this batch: Hot Kiss Hefeweizen, which is my last name with the 2 middle letters removed. Yeah, I get some smack from my friends. Occasionally a client makes a comment and I slam the hammer down on it quick. Which label show I go with??

I am getting ready for my next batch which will be more complex than the Hef. I have my choice of a red ale (5.3% ABV), and amber (5.5% ABV) or a pale ale (6.9% ABV!!) I'm leaning towards the amber to start brewing tonight as the airtight hops bag was pierced when the USPS tried their best to destroy this shipment.

I have been riding my road bike in my shop. I lowered the seat about an inch. My wrists are really bothering me, from all the typing I do at work. Maybe the lower seat will help.

The Little Su 50K, which was run yesterday, has a limited entry of 100. I personally know 2 people who registered to participate. I drove by their place yesterday and guess what...their they were. They didn't bother to even show for the race.

The reason this bugs me so is because this is standard procedure for these particular individuals, they do this on a regular basis and I don't know of any races they actually have done.

So they effectively block out 2 people who really would like to participate in the race. I would have a little more respect if they at least showed and then scratched.

Just a gripe.


The donut guy said...

Go with just the lips....simple is better.

You gonna do mail order?:-)

Pennsylvania is kinda far from Alaska to drive there for a beer.....

Michelle said...

I was thinking that with the lips.

Sure, mail order is no problem, shipping will be about $100 a bottle, plus packing costs.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Nice label, but don't compare yours to a beer like Blue Moon. BM is just Coors with a pretty label.
Get a really Hefeweisen like Harpoon UFO or Sierra Nevada Wheat and take the test.
Congrats on your first sucessful brew too!

bikingbrady said...

Sex sells...Beer Sells. Sex + Beer = instant purchase ;-) nice to Blue Moon. It may be Coors, but it's darn good stuff.

Michelle said...

Brady: so.....what do I do with that?? Cuz it's not for sale....ok maybe it is at a $100 buck a bottle plus shipping and handling. Are you buying, big boy? HA!

Blue Moon isn't really a Hef, it's a belgian white wheat. And I DO like the label! I want to try the Blue Moon Rising Moon Spring Ale and teh Honey Moon Summer Ale, I don't know if it will be sold here in AK.

I went to the liquor store, they don't sell beer, wine or any alcohol in the grocery stores here, have to go to a seperate liquor store. Harpoon isn't sold here that I could find and the Sierra Nevada they have but they don't carry the hef.

So I picked up some Franziskaner Weissbier - a hef. It's like Heaven in a Bottle :). Yum!
I like that: Heaven in a Bottle!
The Hot Kiss Hef is more like Blue Moon white wheat than the Franziskaner.

I also picked up some Wicked Pete's Wanderlust Cream Ale. I haven't had Cream ale before. Not bad, not outstanding. Kind of a mild vinegarish taste that I'm not to sure of. I will have to have more to get a good evaluation.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I was just trying to slam on Blue Moon for hiding the fact that it is a Coors product. You are welcome to consume any of their brews (as if I have any say so in the matter)! :^)
Harpoon is from the Boston area, so it make sense you might not find it there. Sierra's Wheat is hard to come by too. The SN Celebration is very good and expensive.

A Midnight Rider said...

I'm not a beer person, but do imbibe occasionally. When I have a choice it's Sam Adams or a nice Czech pilsner.

Michelle said...

We have a friend, Eric the Half-a-bee (Monty Python). He's a Sam Man. I will have to snag one from him next time he comes over. He's one of those "good" friends who brings beer rather than one of the other friends who raid my bike shop fridge.

Old Man, so you torture me by telling me about wonderful beers that I can't can be cruel sometimes.

Quiquecongals said...

Hi nice label for your beer, i am from mexico and i like very much the microbrews, so i hope we can talk about beer. Henry.