Saturday, February 02, 2008

I don't belong here

I shouldn't be here at home, I should be there. I couldn't get Monday off work so I couldn't go. Left behind while the boys play. At least I have my dog and my beer. Tonights pick: Alaskan Amber. Save your beer bottles, boys. Watch the video at the end of those post.

There is our cabin in the wilderness

Looking out over the frozen lake at the mountains in the distance.

The lake in the winter

In the summer (just for contrast)

Decorating friends who fall asleep

However, I'm not missing using the outhouse at 20 to 30 below 0.

Today's Weather
Low Temperature
High Temperature
High Wind Speed
0.0 mph
High Wind Direction
Low Wind Chill
-32.2 °F
High Barometer
29.409 in.
Low Barometer
29.376 in.
High Humidity
Low Humidity
Total Rain Today
0.00 in.
These are the temps from Lake Louise Weather. Our cabin is about 25 miles northeast of Lake Louise.

This is impressive. So, who is going to be the first one to try this?


Fritz said...

That trials riding on the bottles is amazing; wow!

Jeff said...

Ride across bottles? I'm still trying to master the 2.5 foot wide wooden bridge!

The donut guy said...

I was trying to find the video where Ryan leech rode across a chain...'s about 1/2 way thru this video

I have a couple of friends that do trials.....I could sit and watch them for hours....

I'm not a bike geek, am I?:-)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Nothing to it. I do that every weekend after finishing a 30 pack. Of course, mine are Foster's big boy cans, but it's still pretty impressive! :^)
Your home away from home is amazing despite having to pee outside at -30! I can see why you are jonsin' to go.

Karen Travels said...

I wanna be at your winter cabin too!! Have you heard anything after the interview?

11 more days 'til mine! Putting together a little portfolio.

I think I am more scared that I will get a job, making it official...but a good kind of scared.

D A N O said...

I should be there too......

Michelle said...

I watched the guy ride the chain. These guys are amazing!

Old man, IF you can ride across the Fosters after drinking 30 of them, you are amazing :)

My cabin time is scheduled for March 10th!!! :)