Friday, December 21, 2007

Tagged Redux

Today's ride: 14 degrees, lower body overdressed. Goggles on! I have today off work so I had a daylight noon-time ride rather than my 5:30 a.m morning rides in the darkness. It's been about 15 below 0 the last week or so, so I have been doing my morning rides on the Zing on the trainer. I took my dog K.C, he felt young and frisky but was smiley and glad to be back inside with all his balls. I almost wiped out riding through a little gully that had some really slick ice under the snow. I was able to catch myself before going down. I need to let a little more air out of my tires, I think the studs will grip better at a lower pressure.

I have been tagged by Biking Brady and Karen: Traveling With/Against the Wind: 5-7 Random Things about me.

1) I never saw fireworks in the dark (except on TV) until I was in my late 20's. Growing up here in Alaska - the Land of the Midnight Sun, it's 24 hrs of daylight during the summer, 4th of July fireworks in full daylight is rather underwhelming.
The 1st time I saw fireworks in the dark was here in Palmer, during the Colony Christmas celebration. Let my tell you, fireworks in the summer in Alaska is a waste of time and money. Save them for Christmas and New Year. Now I am a fireworks fan - as long as it's dark outside.

2) I like the dark Alaskan winters. Some people struggle with the cold and darkness: depression, fatigue, etc. Winter is the only time I see the stars and the Northern Lights. The setting moon is a spectacular sight - big orange or yellow ball setting behind the mountains is very beautiful. I love how the snow sparkles on the edges of my headlights as I drive. Playing outside on a dark, snowy, sparkly night, then warming up next to a fire or indoors with a hot toddy is the good life to me (after today's ride, Iced White Chocolate Mocha instead of hot toddy cuz it was like 1:30 pm, a tad early for a toddy)

3) I like my doctor. He told me beer is healthy in many ways and advised me to keep drinking it. He makes his own home-brew.

4) I swam in the Atlantic Ocean a few times when I lived a few months in Titusville Florida. The ocean tastes icky.

5) I don't play any musical instruments. I tried playing the flute as a kid but I would get dizzy so I quit.

6) My dream vacation is to go camping/hiking/biking/rock climbing/whatever in every National Park in the U.S. I would love to take a year off and just do this.

7) I have a couple of tattoos. When My mom found out, she immediately told me I was going to Hell. She has since granted me a pardon on the hell thing and decided that it doesn't mean I'm a cheap tramp bar bimbo. She still thinks I'm a rebel. I can live with that. I love my mom. I just hope she never finds out about the ****** piercings (joking).


Jeff said...

Love that 1st pic...looks like you're ready for chemical warfare!

Hooray for cyclist legs!

Michelle said...

Wow, a comment while I was still editing this post, you are fast.

I avoid convienence stores when I have all my gear on.... :)

Legs: I may post a different picture which shows my piece of art better, can't see well it in this picture, which is what the topic is supposed to be about

Michelle said...

I cropped out the junk and now you can see the art better :)

Jeff said...

They'd be tripping the alarm before you got to the counter in that mask!

Cool! Didn't see the bike in the earlier pictures!

alaskafilms said...

Hi Michelle,
Great blog. Love the pics. Right up the street from ya.

bikingbrady said...

Woo Hoo! Never seen such a sexy foot!

Where did you get the handlebar glove thingies?

Chris said...

I love the tat.

Michelle said...

You guys are too late, only Jeff got a full view of the legs before I edited and cropped the pictures...if you think the foot is good, the legs are even better - HAHAHA ;)

Pogies, MooseMitts or Bullwinkles. Bike Guy gave them to me a few Christmas' ago, sort of like a bonus for signing my paychecks over to him. you can find them online

bikingbrady said...

I want the full know where to send it ;-)

Tim said...

There was full leg and you cropped it to your foot? That's not fair!

(Psssst, Jeff. E-mail the jpeg. You know you kept a copy.)

The donut guy said...

Cool of these days I'm getting a shamrock.

Jeff said...

Ok guys...My email account is getting overwhelmed with leg pic requests. I fear my ISP may shut me down! We might have to get that pic up on a server somewhere...

Sorry to those who missed it!

Daniel B. said...

Hi Michelle,

Hey, you took my link off... BOOOO. The top photo is very 'Silence of the Lambs' only maybe not as scary. I agree with the others; nice tattoo.

Michelle said...

Ok, guys, I have posted the legs. For some reason, I feel like I need a shower.... ;)

Sorry Daniel, I was cleaning up dead links awhile back, I don't know how your got lost. I will get it fixed. In these temps and past frozen eyes, fashion takes a back seat. Actually, this IS the hight of outdoor fashion here in Alaska. Damn, I look G-ood!

Snakebite said...

I'm gone for a couple of days and I miss the legs. godamit! What's up with that?!?

oldmanandhisbike said...

Your brave to be riding in that weather; I think frostbite is reason enough to stay inside.
Not a tatoo person myself, but seems to fit your personality!
I really enjoy read others 7 random things; you find out how diverse and interesting life is outside your own little world.
Have a Happy Holiday!

Michelle said...

Riding is not too bad in these temps. the hardest part in not overdressing which hinders movement. My shoulders almost always tend to feel chilled but the rest of me is nice and warm or overwarm. I would rather ride in these temps than anything 85 degrees or higher. Heat sucks the energy out of me.