Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Cold is Back but Its Not Winter without SNOW!

This evening's ride. 15 degrees.

Frosty Sheep

Today, frosty field

The last patch of SNOW!

2 weeks ago

We have the cold back, but no snow. Everything is covered in thick frost but it doesn't replace SNOW! I took an evening ride around the hayfield, which are frozen solid, almost like riding pavement. Bumpy though, after awhile, my arms feel weird and tingly from the small, fast bumps, like running a jackhammer. Good ride though. Finished it off with a nice margarita!

Without snow, no snowmachine riding down to the river to cut down a Christmas tree unless we do it on the 4-wheeler. Which is do-able but being WINTER, I would like to go on the snowmachines.

Now that the temps have dipped down to normal, riding is again an experience in dressing in layers, temperature and moisture management. It's no problem when recreational riding but riding to work, which I have been comptemplating since the paths are snow-free. The Feds also made whoever blocked the road and bike path with boulders (which caused me to have to ride on the shoulder of the Parks Highway) because they were build with Federal funds, so I wouldn't have to ride on the shoulder of the Parks Hwy in the dark with crazy drivers going too fast on slick roads. But then it's different with sweat management in the winter. To stay warm enough, I layer on enough to work up a sweat which doesn't dissipate like in the summer. Then there is the balaclava hair. Oh whatever, those are just excuses. I'm just being a wimp.

I had a video of a ride I did last week but the camera again came loose and was swinging around, so it looks like I crashed and kept tumbling like in a washing machine. After a few minutes of watching it, I started feeling nauseated...motion sickness. Ugh. So that won't work. But Dan has pointed me in the right direction so I may have some clips to post later on.


D A N O said...

We are in the prosess of getting about 6 inches of white stuff tonite!

Thanks for visiting earlier!

Michelle said...

I'm jealous!

Gee said...

I think we have the same bikes. I have a Kona Kikapu set up w/Nokian studs here in Anchorage. I didn't use any special rims-same as summertime. But where are the little handlbar booties? "Pogeys" I think they're called. Aren't your hands FREEZING?
Oh, my glasses are in the shop so I'm using my son's yellow SHOOTING glasses for windscreen and contrast while riding.
Happy Trails!