Friday, November 09, 2007

Future Cyclist

In our video game obsessed world of full of obese kids, I think this is a GREAT idea. However, I don't know why they used a car graphic instead of a bike graphic. I'm sure the person who thought of this is a cyclist.

BTW, my daughter and her fiancee have moved back from Montana!!!! The job that Safeway had promised him down there never panned out because Safeway decided to delay remodeling the store for a few years so he was stuck stocking shelves at a very low wage.

Out of the blue, a manager at a Safeway store in Anchorage called him and they offered him a management job of a new department. Twice the pay and a staff of 4 to supervise. BUT he had to be at work at the Anchorage store in 3 weeks. After teleconferences, he takes the job and then it's a mad rush to get out of their lease, pack, ship the car and household items, arrange a place to live in Anchorage.

My (immediate) family is all now within 65 miles of each other again! :)
See the Smart Cycle here


oldmanandhisbike said...

I am in complete agreement on that game. Just wish you had to ride to power it. All those lazy teenage gamers would either have sell their Wi's or grow sprinters thighs to play Halo III!
I think we're on to something here . . .
USACycling should look into funding the program. We could grow a whole new generation of racers and solve the childhood obesity problem in one fell swoop! :^)

A Midnight Rider said...

65 miles away the kids are huh? I'm wondering if in Alaska 65 miles is the same distance as it is on Cape Cod. Any mountains to cross to traverse that 65?

Michelle said...

Yeah, pedal power video games. There popularity would fall drastically if it took effort to play them...I don't think there is any way around American laziness.

Alaska is such a BIG state, 65 miles is close. No mountains to cross, the highway follows the base of the Chugack Mountains. It would be way too hard to go over them.