Saturday, November 03, 2007

I HATE it when I do THAT!

I'm working away on my Kona Hahanna snow bike, changing out the grip shifters for rapid fire shifter, changing out the pedals and getting it all cleaned up and ready for some serious riding...if the snow actually sticks around.

A big dufus friend stops by for a visit. 1st he scares the sh** out of me by lurking in my shop window. So he comes in and visits while I finish up replacing and adjusting the rear derailleur cable and get it shifting perfectly. Then we have a beer and keep chatting. I start to work on replacing the front shifter. I go to cut the old cable and just as I am squeezing the cable cutter I realize I am cutting the REAR CABLE. The just replaced, perfectly adjust rear cable. DAMN! I blame it on big Dufus for distracting me with weird conversations and beer.

The weather is not very winter-like. It's too warm and any sloppy snow melts quickly and everything is covered with ice. The ramp to my bike shop was extremely slick this morning. There was a beautiful rainbow the other day. I don't think I have ever seen a rainbow this time of year - we don't normally get rain.

In expectation of snow, I am getting some new wheels built for my Kona with wider rims. It will flatten out my Nokian tires and provide more floatation (surface area) or I can forgo the studs and get some other fatter knobbies. Nokians are hard for me to mount, so I will probably stick with them and decided later about other tires. Much cheaper than a $5000 titanium FatBack.


bikingbrady said...

You remind me of the girl that knows more about cars than the guy :-)

Chris said...

Drinking beers and working on bikes? Why aren't all girls like you?

The donut guy said...

Aren't you folks usually at least knee deep in snow by now?

I know here in Central Pa, it was 65 degrees yesterday....

Michelle said...

I am the only girl in my family and the youngest. Growing up, I was surrounded by males...Translation: I was raised by wolves in wilds of Alaska (with occasional bits of civilization my poor mom struggled to mix in there somewhere but she was greatly out-numbered). I didn't have much of a chance of becoming a girly girl.

Some guys actually perfer girls with manicures rather than grease under her nails...I don't get it. Wanna arm wrestle?? :)

It is really unusually warm here right now and the freeze/thaw thing sucks. Last year we had a lot of snow, the 2 prior years before that we hardly had any snow in my area. I do live more inland than Anchorage, so we don't get as much snow as they do, but SOME snow would be nice!

oldmanandhisbike said...

A snow bike is not one I need to add to my riding stable. I would much rather x-country ski or just sit in the hot tub than ride in winter.
Beer and any bike/house/car/yard project is a bad combination with my lack of skill and coordination! :^(

A Midnight Rider said...

55 on da Cape today. Leaving for the nations capital tomorrow for some good footie.
No snow in site. And no gravel on the roads.