Sunday, March 19, 2006


I feel a little out of body right now. Took a vicoden. Sharp pains in shoulder today, enough for me to take a pill. Lets see if I can get through this without too many typos. Reading through my previous posts made me laugh at the typos. Also vicoden means no beer tonight - recently started sipping on Medelo Negra with lime. Yum. Dark beer but not as heavy as a lot of dark beers.

Started physical therapy last week. Have this pulley thing, hook to the door, put the non-working arm in the padded loop, pull on the other end of the rope and it passively lifts my arm up. So I started doing this 3 times a day, then ice. I also went back to work on Wednesday, the way my shoulder/arm was hanging caused my shoulder and neck to really knot up. Went home and did what I was supposed to and back to PT on Friday. My shoulder had swollen up a bit, I didn't really realize it until the Physical therapist pointed it out and massaged and iced me pretty good. She has determined that I have a "high pain threshold" and also have the tendency to push through pain. Of course I push through the pain; I'm a mountain biker, runner, work out, mom, wife...that's what we do or I might as well just sit on my ass and check out of life. So now I am instructed to STOP as soon as I feel anything that could resemble pain and to hold myself back as I tend to "go for the goal".

So I start pondering the pain issue. How would I know I have a high pain threshold? I can't feel what others feel. Yes, I have seen situations where people have complained or exclaimed pain (yelling "ow" for instance) for things that I wouldn't have, but maybe I just don't show it the same way but feel it on the same level.

No pain, no gain. Love hurts. Motherhood: the most painful job you'll ever love (or fatherhood). Pain is weakness leaving the body. Headaches. So happy you cry. Heart is bursting with .... Child birth. Soul pain. Spiritual pain. Happy pain, sad pain. For some people, feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all. Pain builds us up and tears us down. Good and evil/happy and sad. Riding/running with everything you got, legs/chest burning, crossing the finish line is work the abuse. Beer makes it better, then pain of hangovers. Damn papercuts hurt way too much for what they are.

Overall my shoulder is feeling stronger :) I really am ready to get back to normal, but it will be a few month still. Riding the trainer isn't that great, but better than nothing. My weight is off because I can't grip the bars with my right arm so it's through things off and is uncomfortable.

My son just came in and he needs his back derailleur adjusted, skipping gears. The Zinn book is great, really helpful. Sure wish I had a work stand.

Weather is still snowy and grey, yuck. I want GREEN and SuNSHINE!

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Nik said...

The Medelo Negro is definitely a great beer. What I didn't know was that it was actually an ale, not a lager.

So now you know.

Anyhoo - hoping to hear some ride reports as soon as the shoulder heals.