Monday, March 13, 2006

Random Bike Tips

Spray your frame with Pam or WD 40 before riding in muddy conditions. The mud will fall off rather than stick to your frame.

Armor All your tires side walls when racing in mud conditions for the same reasons as above.

Align your tires logo with your valve stem. You will look like a dork if you don’t.

Change your chain 1 to 2 times a year to prevent excessive wear to your bikes expensive sprockets.

Broil your contaminated disc brake pads. They will come out like new

Bring spare parts when racing/riding in Canada. A tire is over $100!

Are you one with your bike? This early in the season, many of you will relate to the following list. Be warned that you are riding too much and will burn out by mid season for sure.
You only buy black socks.
You can pedal up any hill in the big ring.
You aim your head to illuminate your path on your midnight stroll to the bathroom.
You pull up on your cars steering wheel when driving over speed bumps.
You find Hex wrenches in the wash.
You have pinch flatted a previously fixed pinch flat.
Your goggle strap is dry rotten.
You’ve eaten bicycle shaped pasta.
You own the Chris King salt and pepper Hub Shakers.
You have a Gravity Research sticker.
You have an Outland racing jersey.
You remember the year when suspension forks came out.
You own bicycle print boxer shorts.
You almost spelled the word boxer, boxxer.
You have a Scary Fast headband.
You have a Yo Eddy pint glass.
You named your first born after your favorite racer.

*thanks to

Now about ME. I can barely lift my arm. Hmm. I start physical therapy on Wednesday, dr gave me a script for the pain AFTER the session, so I am thinking it will be painful. It's weird not to be able to lift my arm and there is some popping going on. Dr says the popping is things rubbing around and it will stablize soon, it hasn't even been 2 wks yet since surgery. I will also try to go back to work on Wednesday, but may put it off until Thursday due to the physical therapy, may need to come home and take a pill.

I will have to stop staying up all night and start getting up early. I don't mind that, I just wish I had a different job, a feel good job, if there is such a thing. My husband was telling me just last night that my mom thinks this job has changed me, made me more cynical and I'm not a negative person (I don't think I am anyway). I think she's right to a certain extent, but that's life.

My son will get his brace off this week, he's happy. I sure hope this works and his ligaments tighten up, no more knee dislocations.

The weather here has turned nippy again, it's still winter. in the low 20's and even lower with windchill. The sun is getting some warmth to it, but not enough to really melt anything. I went up to Hatcher's Pass this weekend, watched people ski, snowshoe, sledding, snowmobiling. I just sat in the truck. Useless do to my arm. It would have been a great day to ride, the trails all nicely hard-packed. Watched 4 guys climb up a mountain, took them about 2.5 hours to the top, then they skied down, which took about 4 to 5 minutes. Not worth it, in my opinion. It's a great view from up there though. My son climbed it last summer. Lots of deaths up there this winter, the latest was a snowboarder caught in an avalance, still haven't found the body.

My son had the opportunity to get an Ironhorse Tentron or something like that, it's a downhiller, for a really good price. Components are top line, lots of travel front and back. Bike guy would bring the price down a few hundred as I am his "Favorite Customer". It's the last one in stock and they aren't making that model anymore. My son was drooling. His dad, however, said NO. Drives me nuts, his dad is in his life 1x per month, just recently cut out the 2x month visits so he can be with his wife alone more (yeah, give me a break), and he has the guts to say no. My son would use his own money, but dear old dad has legal rights to say no.


George said...

It's none of my beeswax but what do you do for a living?

Just call me Curious George:-)

The divorce thing sucks. My sister-in-law (my wifes sister) went through a nasty divorce a few years ago when her ex-husband left her for a younger woman.

I'm lucky I have a wonderful wife, she puts up with me so that's gotta count for something!

Michelle said...

The bike isn't an Ironhorse, it is a K2 Taric or something. 1st class components.

Nathan said...

I suddenly have the theme song from Annie running through my head. I hope it comes true for you.


hereNT said...

You don't want the tire's logo in the same spot as your valve stem. You want it all the way on the other side of the rim. The lightest part of the tire is the logo, and the heaviest part of the rim is 180 from the valve hole.

May look dorky, but it spins better :D

Anonymous said...

Spray WD-40 on your bike before a race? That is brilliant -sarcasm-. How much of that ends up in the ecosystem?


Michelle said...

Hey anonymous, tell it to

That where the info came from. I personally wouldn't do it. Maybe these guys have been smelling wd40 fumes too long. What about the Pam? What IS that stuff made out of anyway? I'm sure it's not just vegatable oil....

Good advice about the Logo on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the stem, Thanks Herent! See, what do these downcycle guys know anyway??? :)

3p0 said...

aw, get him the bike and tell him he can only ride it with you...

not with his dad.

dad keeps this up, he's gonna get coal in his stockings.

and a flat tire in on his car.

hope your shoulder gets better by the time it gets really nice out.

you'll be back on the dirt in no time....

Michelle said...

Yeah, coal in his stocking, that'll teach him!! :)


Can't wait to get back on the dirt!