Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fall is Here

Been feeling pretty good lately. Joined the gym with some friends from work, we go work out on our lunch break. Finally getting in some upper body workouts. I'm also doing some leg work out, because it's part of the circut. Hopefully my legs won't turn into monster freak muscle legs. They are aready pretty buff from running. But I am working some leg muscles that running doesnt. These hip abductor machines are something: think OB/GYN exam position. Hmm, think I need longer workout shorts!!! HA! Sheesh. No pain, no gain, even if it's mental pain.
I never knew grey hair could cause some much pain. I had some grey coming in at the temples and last time I had my hair highlighted, asked it to be covered. Well, my hair stylist missed it so I went back and showed her. She said she'd fix it, boy did she ever. I came out with 2 BLACK strips down the sides of my head. What the frick is that??? My hair is light brown to blonde. My stylist insisted it was the same color as the rest of my hair but that section of my hair reacted differently because I had been under stress from being sick. Bullsh**!!! So I said it had be be fixed. Well, she CHARGED me again for the FIX. NOT HAPPY and I STILL have some black streaks in my HAIR!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! If your a woman, you know EXACTLY what I mean. If your a guy, don't even won't work. But we love you anyway - :)

Fall is here, rain daily, will soon turn to snow. Leaves are yellow, not much reds on the trees here in Alaska, reds in the bushes/brush though.

My son had a cross country meet the other day. He did fairly well, he's sore so he didn't run his fastest. On the way home, we were diverted around a car wreck; a semi truck went totally through a van, killing the woman driving the van. There was NOTHING left of the front of the van. I feel sooo bad for the woman's family. She was just driving home and then she's gone. Sigh... Prayers to the family.

The 1st local boy from my town was killed in Iraq this Sunday. It's a small town, everyone knows someone who knows someone. This guy was 22 yrs old and my husband know the stepdad, my neice and her boyfriend were best friends with the guy who was killed. I want this war to be over.

So much death lately around here. None personally with my, thank GOD. Still, it has an effect. Moral feels low here.

I will drink my wine and sing songs of sadness, which will turn to gladness once the sun shines again.

I will run and thank God I can, that it feels good just to feel normal.

We have 2 cows. 1 is pregnant, it will be cool when the calf is born, any day now!

The Bike guy says he will show me how to change a flat on my bike! I ride alone 99% of the time and want to be prepared for the inevitible. Maybe I will meet up with him this Sunday. He's a World Record marathon bike holder. He biked from Seattle to SanDiego or something like that. WOW! I wish I could do something great like that. I just want to be good at SOMETHING.

Ok, the wine is kicking in, I think I will have another!


frenchy said...

Can completely sympathise about the hairdressers. Why is that every time I go to the hair dressers and get a shit haircut I can never speak up for myself?? I sit there in silence thinking in my head, "What in gods name has she done to my hair" yet when she asks "How does it look?" I smile and say "fine thanks, i love it" and I go back know why? Cause I'm a dickhead!! haha. So yes, can totally understand. It's hard to find a good hairdresser. I despise going anyway.

Sad to hear about the death around you. It usually all comes at once doesn't it. I can't watch the news these days cause it gets me too down. But you just have to put it to the back of your mind, smile and think how lucky we are to have what we have. We're lucky to be here.

Have a great day

Michelle said...

Thanks for your replies, Frency, they encourage me to keep this going,