Sunday, September 04, 2011

Far Away there in the Sunshine

Summer is winding down, it's getting dark at night instead of the summer 24 hours of daylight.  The leaves are turning.  I'm not ready for winter yet!

I have been taking a class by Wyanne called Paint Free, a way to just let go and find your own style of art.  I am enjoying this class and appreciate that it is not full of "your inner goddess" and stuff like that.  Guess what, I would make a crappy goddess because I am not divine and am full of the same human garbage as everyone else - therefore, it is my opinion that there are no goddesses.  Anyway, sometimes I feel like telling the artsy-fartsies, as my husband calls them, to just shut up and paint.  I dont' want to meditate or stand on my head or yoga poses or breath insense or imagine me as being a god.  What the heck does that mean anyway?

Anyway, the object of Paint Free is not to create masterpieces but to just paint rather spontainously and not focuse on what other people think is a piece of art.  So here are a few of my random, spontainious paintings.  And we can only use paint, which is hard for me since I have more control with drawing than painting.  We can also use alcohol to drip into very wet acrylic paint, which makes a very cool effect. 

I have been on my bike a few times and miss it so much.  I am feeling much better but not yet normal, but have more almost normal days than bad days! 

The penguin painting is actually drawn from a "blind scribble".  You close your eyes and just scribble around on a piece of paper and then find an image in the scribble and go for it.  It was fun. 

The View through my Bicycle Wheel was a 30 minute painting of something you love.  30 minutes and them you must stop.

The last is much a layering excersize and it is much prettier in person and looks very layered by making different layers with clear gesso and glossy self-leveling gel.   I can't get a good scan of it no matter what I try. 

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