Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cabin Time

We went to the cabin for Superbowl. It was a quick trip but a good one. The days are still short up there but the temps weren't bad, around 5 to 10 below. The snow-laden trees are really beautiful.
One of my very favorite things is when riding my snowmachine in power snow when the sun is shining. The track kicks up this really cool, cosmic, cloud of ice crystals. I become enveloped in a shimmering, sparkling, gossamer cloud. Tiny diamonds sparkling all around me, the coldness of the crystals on my face when they land. It's really spectacular.

We ran into 3 moose on the way out, they looked like they were going to come my way and check me out but they decided not to. That is a good thing. Don't mess with moose.

The days are getting longer down here in south central Alaska, gaining about a half an hour each week. It's nice to have daylight when I get off work.
Next week I will be working in Anchorage...all week long. I think I will stay a night or two with one of the Lost Boys, driving bites big time.


oldmanandhisbike said...

I never stop being amazed by the beauty in your photos. But then I read "temps not bad, 5 to 10 below"! Wow.
My son would be in heaven up there. He is an ice-fishing/ snowmobiling nut. Do you know anyone who needs an electrical apprentice?

Chris said...

Aren't multiple mooses called meese?

Michelle said...

If the natural gas pipeline gets going, there may be some good oppertunities for your son, he would definitely see Alaskan wilderness! 5 to 10 below is workable. You can go without gloves for a short amount of time so work needing fine motor skills is doable. And you can be dressed in cold weather gear and still stay warm fairly seditary. At 20 below or lower, it's getting painful to take gloves off and touching metal is not fun and the only way to stay warm is to pile on the layers and stay active.
40 below is another world, mind over matter and be aware of hypothermia. But remember, it's easier to say warm than it is to cool off.

Hey Chris. There are moose (singular) and there are moose (plural). No mooses or meese.

This concludes today's lesson

Kris said...

Hello Michelle

What is your email address? I Like your blog and would like to ask you a question.


Michelle said...

Hi Kris, can you ask me the question here? I don't usually give out my email address.
Glad you like my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris. There are moose (singular) and there are moose (plural). No mooses or meese.

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Anonymous said...

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