Monday, June 23, 2008

Things I haven't done this Summer while biking

1) Worn shorts

2) Worn short sleeves

3) gone without gloves

4) Mountain biked more than 1 time

6) Road on a nice, clean bikepath that isn't full of sand, gravel, glass, garbage, feces

7) Had much positive to say about State of AK Dept of Transportation (still fighting, going to the
newspapers with photos, going to take my snow shovel this weekend and shovel paths
myself - grrr)

8) Gone without a helmet liner in the morning

9) Been able to avoid almost get splattered by little old ladies who can't make up their mind if they are turning or not

10) last but not least...Crashed.


The Donut Guy said...

Jeez...that kinda sucks.

bikingbrady said...


Just kidding, I know how hard it is to "remove" a lifer from Alaska. Here's hoping for some decent weather and better cooperation from the Alaska DOT!

Ever think about getting cyclists together for a bicycle coalition up there? A unified voice to help all cyclists?

Tim said...

Hey, I'm wearing short-sleeve jerseys ... with arm warmers.

This cool weather sucks. I just keep reminding myself that it's better than the heat and humidity of the Midwest or the South, and far better than the smog of L.A., Chicago, etc.

bikingbrady said...

I resemble that picture of the midwest :-)

I'll stick to the heat/humidity

oldmanandhisbike said...

Glad to hear about the "no crashing" but sorry about some of the others like "no shorts"!
Oh, and the DOT issues too.
So, any comments on my Hef name suggestions?

D A N O said...

Warm air has finaly hit Wisco. So we are one up on ya....
However the massive flooding has kept us off the MTB's.
Wanna trade?

Michelle said...

Today was warm, sort of, the 50+ MPH sort of sucked some of the heat away BUT the really frigid bite seems to have lessened a bit :)

Sorry to hear about all the flooding, puts my whining in it's place.

Nope, I'm not moving. I can't take the heat, bugs, floods, humidity or smog. Cold is nothing compared to all of that.

I'm working on getting some other cyclist to help with the cause but I am totally truthful when I say there is a lack of cyclist (commuters/road) in the Valley. The people I normally see during commutes are the 30-50 yr old males who have lost there license due to DWI's. Not really "the cause" type people but I will still see if I can rally some support.

Old Man: some rules for the Hef.
1) I have to be able to pronounce it.
2) I have to know what it means
3) If it is a band, I have to know who they are and like their sound

So keep the suggestions coming! I would like a bike themed type of name this time. I also just started a honey belgium wit bier, need a name for that one too.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Okay; cycling themed.
German Hef: Shiny Bike Hef (think about it; it will come to you!)
Honey Belgium: Sweet Eddy's WitBier

bikingbrady said...


One vote for Sweet Eddy! Any reference to Eddy Merckx and Belgium beer is bound to be a classic!

Michelle said...

I'm thinking shiny bikes but not getting anywhere...duh

I do like the Sweet Eddie, it has a ring to it.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Shiny Bike = Shiner Bock. It's a beer brewed in Texas. They make a Hef but I like the Bock better!

Michelle said...

I would never have gotten that because it's not available here and never heard of it that I can recall!

So I'm not as "duh" as I was thinking I was! :)