Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm Hip, Not a Hippy

My daughter calls me a hippy. I'm not sure why, I shave my armpits and I don't wear Birkenstocks or whatever. However, I have been comtemplating soy burgers recently...

I found a podcast/website that describes what I am..I'm more Hip than Hippie. I'm not sure how accurate their tips are, but they are environment friendly tips and certainly can't hurt. This week is on reducing pollution from letting your vehicle idle. They get a little "soccermom-ish" and I am no longer in that stage of my life, but I still like them. They also feature a different BEER weekly! My kind of girls :).

My dad was standing in line behind a guy wearing a biking event t-shirt. My dad asked him about it, the guy rode in it. My dad then told the guy that his daughter (me) was an addict. The guy was a little confused, topic jumping from bikes to drugs, so my dad explained I was a "bike addict" and had at least 5 bikes and a shop. The guy agreed, I'm addicted.

So I have been "labeled" twice this past week: hippy and addict. I don't mind, as long as it's kept in the correct context. And no, I DON'T need an intervention.

China is trying to clean it's air for the Olympics by banning a million cars. It's just a test. It worked before, the air was cleaner and congestion was down, maybe it will work again....doya think??

My commute this moring was pretty good, except for sucking in exhaust from dump trucks at the construction site which dug up my bike path. They just spew gross, black exhaust. I was wishing I had a mask. I think this was the 1st "warm" morning, 55 degrees at departure. Short sleeves and shorts temps! WaaaaaHOOOO!


The donut guy said...

Don't feel bad Michelle....our 13 year old son and 19 year old daughter call me a hippy also.

Wear it like a badge of honor:-)

Michelle said...

I'd rather her call me a hippy than a cougar, which she did only once and then laughed and laughed. I finally found out what that meant and she got a firm scolding, what a whippersnapper. :)

There are may worse things than being a hip-py, I could be a republican...whoops! Did I say that??? Just joking, maybe I really AM a republican!

D A N O said...

I seen a hippy once. I tried to talk to her but she ran away.

Anonymous said...

Only 5 bikes? You may be on the way to being an addict, but you're still just beginning. Around my former shop we used to amuse ourselves by periodically asking one of the mechanics how many he had - in a one bedroom apartment. It usually took him about 3 minutes to figure it out; by then he would be drifting off into frames that could be assembled if he only had the right headset, etc. The total was almost always between 19 and 23 fully functional bicycles, not counting the ones belonging to his girlfreind, who was a bike courier. Not much hope of recovery, either - here he is now: Have fun! Val

Snakebite said...

Oh what the hell. Quit shaving your armpits and make the jump from hip to hippy. Try it for a week. You'll at least get a good blog post out of it.

A Midnight Rider said...

Hey Michelle. There is a game of tag going around the bike blog community. I tagged you. Do whatever you want with that.

I was a hippy in the 60's but was also in the Navy. That was difficult to pull off. It was my first experience being skitzo. I am used to it now though.

In Barcelona tow cougars were waiting outside a restaurant for me and my two sons. I ended up walking back to the apartment alone. They explained the cougar thing to me later. But they are 30ish.

Michelle said...

Dano, come to Alaska and I will show you some hippies,
Talkeetna is full of 'em.

Hey Val, 5 is the number of working bikes that I personally have and yeah, I'm just a beginner. I have a few project bikes that I want to restore. I am sure I would have more, but feeding and clothing my kid, as well as keeping him in his supply of bikes, takes priority over any more bikes for me for awhile and I'm ok with that. I looked up ivycycles :)

yuck, snakebite, I just don't think I could do it voluntarily. I have spent time in the wilderness for awhile and have gone "natural" but that's just a little too "wild" for me to do intentionally. :)

Midnight, yeah, I bet it would be difficult to be a hippy in the navy...I'm not sure how you would pull that off. I also think the cougar thing is disgusting and certainally has nothing in common with this happily married lady. My daughter was just giving me a hard time about getting older. :)
I will play tag, but it will have to wait until I have more time, maybe this weekend.