Friday, June 15, 2007

Scarred for Life

I was out riding my Zing last Sunday with Capt'n Balance and Drunk John. We were going along a new bike path that was just laid down. The guys were in front of me, I was just following along.

One of the guys yelled out that the bike path just ended. Sure enough, it did. I didn't see that it was ending because the guys were blocking my view and I wasn't really LOOKING for the path to end. I didn't clip out in time and wiped out.

It wasn't a bad wipeout, I was just a little suprised by it all. I had some roadrash on my left knee that hurt a little but other than that, I thought everything was OK.

The ride continued on, then Drunk John said I had blood running down my right calf. Sure enough, I had some pretty good gashes which I guess were from the Zing's chainrings.

One in particular look like it could be stitch-worthy, but it had stopped bleeding and the guys said it was fine. The gashes really didn't hurt so I figured they were right.

Monday I rode to work and was doing fine, a little sore but no big deal. I was wearing capri pants (short pants, just below the knee, for you guys that don't know) and my friend saw the gashes and immediately got me to the break room and brought out the 1st aid kit and butterfly bandaged up the gashes. Then she scolded me for listening to a guy called Drunk John regarding medical advice and there is no excuse for Capt'n Balance except he doesn't get medical help unless it's life and death.

I only rode to work on Monday, the gash tended to open from the movement of pedaling. So I am giving it time to heal. Also, a portion of the route I ride to work is under construction and all ripped up. Hopefully it will be repaired by next Monday.

Bike Boy turned 16 yesterday!!! I'm feeling old...:). Hopefully we will get a nice ride in this weekend. I got the poplock installed on his new fork and so he will be testing it out. I got new rims, tires and brake shoes on the Novara, it just needs a front derailleur adjustment and it's good to go.

The sun is shining, my leg is healing, life if good!


Jeff said...

Sadly, unless I was photoshopped quite extensively, the chances of me becoming a calf and shin model are slim and none. Perpetual scabs block that career path for me.

Chris said...

Chick scars are sexy. :)

Michelle said...

I thought that my days as a leg model were over...I never knew about the "sexy chic scar" thing. Thanks Chris, you always bring me up when I think I'm down :) HA, you make me laugh.

Dop said...

Spray on liquid Bandage (or superglue) might be a quick fix. I found it took a several layers last time I opened my elbow up, and my co-workers were most amused by the faces of agony from the stinging. It did the trick of sealing the wound, though - bandaids wouldn't stay on (the elbow being a bit of a tricky spot). It didn't do a huge amount for the scarring, though!

It always amuses me how people that are largely sedentary find the idea of holes in the skin to be absolutely horrifying :-)

D A N O said...

We all have that same tatoo.

Michelle said...

I thought of superglue but the guys didn't think it was needed, refer to my friend's advice, HA!

You are right, they are horrified by the thought of an injury. My 18 yr old nephew deemed me "crazy and insane". He is a computer kid and just doesn't understand what it's like to be outside.

Dano, I'm part of the club noew. This is an addition to the scars from my mountain biking crash last year, my scars are now tale of my rides :)

A Midnight Rider said...

When I hear something bad in the future I can always say. "Well it's not as bad as taking medical advice from a guy named Drunk John". I know someone who did.

My little one is 33, so no sympathy from Cape Cod on your feeling "seniorish" with a 16 yr old.

Michelle said...

Sheesh, no sympathy!!! You are a hard one.

One of the gashes is starting to look a little infected....THANKS DRUNK JOHN, that IS the last time I listen to him.
Maybe I will become an urban legend