Sunday, May 07, 2006

Trail of Remembrance 5K Race

The Bike Boys and I decided to do a 5k bike race. It was a last minute decision, while I was whooping it up at our Cinco de Margarita party on Friday night. Saturday morning weather was cold, cloudy and windy, the kind of weather that causes normal people who have the Margarita Effect still hanging on at 7:30 a.m, to roll over and go back to sleep. But, alas, who ever said I'm normal. So I drag myself out of bed, lacking sleep, choke down a banana, some Gatoraid, a Cliff bar, load the bikes and boys and off we go.

A small turn out, only about 15 - 20 riders, all teenagers. There were more people signed up but they no-showed, according to the race organizers. By the time the race started I was freezing. Even had to put on my helmet liner so my head wouldn't freeze. I felt a little silly with all those teenagers, but hey, I GOT OUT OF BED so I'm riding, no matter what, and my teens tend to whoop my ass and leave me in the dust anyway. At the start, the Bike Boys immediately get to the front of the pack, I'm stuck behind a pink bike. We are on a bike path so there is not much room to get around anyone. It starts and off we go. Bike Boys take off like normal, I'm following Pink Bike, who is NOT about to let me past. She's looking back and cutting me off whenever I get close. It's ok, Margarita's are dancing in my head and gut, I can take it easy. Pink bike doesn't know about pacing, burns out. Lots of other teens doing the same. I'm on autopilot. I finally start getting warm and there is the finish line. Bike Boys grinning and waiting, they finished in 12 minutes, I came in at 13 minutes. We got really nice medals, t-shirts and waterbottles, then they gave us lunch - NO HOTDOGS WHEN HUNG-OVER, even if it's a mild hangover. Have a nice chat with a couple of the other racers, talk bikes, etc. Race director asked for opinions on promoting the race better, but it sounds like it was pretty well covered: newpaper, radio, in the Runner's calendar. Suggest flyer tucked into the newpaper instead of small ad buried in all the other ads. In my experience with running the little local races here, if the weather's bad, so is turnout.

Overall it was a nice event and they did a good job. It was a fundraiser for one of the schools here in the Valley and also Vet memorial, with names of vets who have been killed or served in wars posted along the route. It's riculously short for a bike race but it was fun. I was also talking with some of the teen boys, who were talking about how they could go "faster" if this or that, I told them what I saw wasn't a problem with their speed, but with their endurance. They poured it on and fizzled out quickly. I sure wish there was a riding program or something here for school-age kids. I don't think there is one in the entire state of Alaska. Our physical ed programs are pretty poor also. There were also running and walking events, we hung out to cheer them on.

After that, we went over to the Bicyle Center in Wasilla and the boys drooled while I throbbed. My son really wants a full-suspension bike, he likes the Kona Dawg. So maybe with grandparents and his dad pitching in, he will get one. We will see. Of course he also needs a new seat, tubes, clothing, whatever in the meantime. We left emptyhanded, he can wait until his birthday. Bike guy is great for letting us hang out.

We are going to go on an afternoon mountain bike ride today at Bradley-Kepler park, where Bike Boy #2 and I went last week with the Valley Bikers and Hikers. My husband actually WANTS to go!!! Wooohoo, I'm gonna have to kick his least I can pretend.

Tested out the bike rack, it worked AWESOME. I don't just have a nice rack, I have a DAMN nice rack!! Cost about $80 in materials and 2 or 3 hours of my husband's time.

My shoulder is popping today, which is painful but tolerable. I think I will ice it after today's ride.


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young boys pouring it on and fizzling out quickly? Hmmm ... whadya figure?

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